Bills pots - multiple, or all-in-one?

I’m going to finally start moving all our bills over to our Monzo joint account (the wife has been resistant to change :joy:). How is everyone managing bills pots, one pot per bill, or on pot to rule them all?

  • One pot for all bills
  • One pot per bill

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It depends. I don’t have one pot for all bills but since that’s the closest I voted that.

I have 3 pots (Rent/Energy/Bills)

Rent is my rent + council tax
Energy is gas and energetic
Bills is stuff like phone,tv, etc

If I drove I’ll also have one for car


One pot for all Monthly Direct Debits (apart from Credit Card), then another pot for all monthly virtual card payments - Netflix, Prime etc. I then have individual pots for various sinking funds - car insurance, upgrades, holiday & Christmas etc and finally one pot for Credit Card Payments that I transfer funds into whenever I spend on the CC.


House - rent, tax, gas, elec, water, broadband, Netflix and milk delivery
Finances - loan and flex
Bills - phone, car tax, anything else monthly

Though we do throw £500 each to the starling joint account now to cover the house part.

one pot for DDs and recurring card payments

one pot for 1p challenege and round ups

one virtual card which comes from the main account for online payments

one virtial card paid from the dd pot for recurring card payments

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One pot for all non variable monthly things (DDs, recurring card payments, standing orders).
One pot for all non variable non monthly things (Road tax, prime, etc.)
One pot for credit card payments, and one for child’s dinner money (both variable).
There are more, but those are the bill-adjacent ones

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Separate pots for:
Utilities including gas/elec, internet, streaming services, water, council tax, TV license, etc
Car payments

The “pm” figures in the pot names cover the monthly expense plus about 20% and represent how much is siphoned into the pots on the first of every month.

The extra 20% is how I build my emergency fund.

The food fund pot works a little differently and isnt used to pay for any food, but instead is purely emergency fund.


One pot for all DDs (including credit cards) - on the 21st of each month I summarise what is due for the upcoming month and add it to the pot.

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Most bills go out same day as money in, so no pot required.

Credit cards each have their own pot. Keeps account balance in order then.

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All house related DDs from one pot called “joint bills” and I have a credit card pot that pays my credit card in full each month.

My other pots are specific savings pot with no DDs coming out.

All in one. Wang em in together. One transfer. Payments sorted. Life happy. Move on and live life through Yellow Tinted glasses.


:point_up: This. (1) Salary sort the incomings into the Bills pot (2) Relaaaaaaaaax :beers: :dancer: :man_dancing: :mirror_ball:

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The inability to adjust the Salary Sorter mid period made it useless to me.

Instead, I have multiple scheduled payments on 1st of the month. Job done.

One pot per bill would be pointless for us.

Plus we’d barely have any room for any other pots due to the number of pots limit.

When I used Monzo for bills then, one pot with more than needed so I could transfer in and forget about it.

Worked really well

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Milk delivery???

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Monzo must be paying too much salary, milk man :eyes:


One pot for all direct debits except Plus (:roll_eyes:) and a couple for future bills like car stuff.

I like to round up and build up a buffer so it works well to overpay for the collective.


I have a pot for plus, I have set it up automatically to go into my balance the day before each month