What Pots do you have? 🍯

I have 5 pots:

Petrol - To ensure I have money put aside to cover my petrol costs for the month

Savings - My savings pot. Not locked so I can dip into it SHOULD I need to.

Roundups and Daily Challenge - All my card purchase roundups go into it. Plus the “Daily 1p Challenge” from IFTTT. This is LOCKED until 1st December as I plan on using it to pay for my Next Gen Console.

Weekly Allowance - I allow myself a budget each week. All the money for each week is stored here until my scheduled pot withdrawal happens each Saturday.

Recurring Costs - aka bills pot. All DDs and SO come out of this pot. I also utilise an IFTTT applet to withdraw from this pot for recurring payments that are via a card.


I have a few pots. Standard bills, spending, etc, but I reckon this totally belongs in this thread…

My favourite pot name is ‘Bella’s Ovaries’ because I’ve recently found out that my rescue pup’s tummy scar was NOT, in fact, the type or scar we assumed, so we’ve got ten weeks to put aside the cash for a new operation to make sure she doesn’t have puppies.

And maybe we could spend a couple quid on dry cleaning too. Bloody awful.

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But she’s worth every well organised penny


If I’ve deleted a pot and wished i hadn’t, can COps reinstate it? I think i know the answer…

Unfortunately when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Yeh I though so. Dammit!

I’m down to 2 pots now, bills and MoneyBox investments, I did have a rent one but deleted it as it was pointless, it goes out on the same day I get paid so no need.

My savings go elsewhere so it’s looking quite minimalist for a change

I have a load of pots, we try to manage our money carefully as we are saving for a deposit.

We essentially have

Week 1 - 5: we put money in each of the weeks, we use this for our weekly expenses, food, alcohol or nights out, the usual.
Bills: all our bills come out of this, as the name suggests
Holiday: we will take a portion of our leftover money and put it in here
Deposit/Savings: we put a load of money between us into this to go towards our house.
Round up pot: we use this to round up, we mostly put this either back into savings or into stocks and shares, or if we’re running low on guns we take it out and put it towards our funds when we need to.
If we weren’t living at home we would also most likely have a food expenditure and clothing expenditure pot too.

These are the pots I have

Made the icons using Monzo Pot Image Generator


an old thread, but nice to see what others have

fixed savings pot
penny pot - roundups go into this one
yorkshire water
new ipad
new iphone
giffgaff monthly goodybag
IFTTT less that 10k steps - fitbit daily
credit cards

thinking of setting up a ‘main’ pot and then transfer a set amount every week into the main account, kind of like the weekly allowance pots some have, but for main current account, thus I only have a set amount every week, if I spend it all, tough luck, if I don’t, then I have more to spend the week after etc…

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Here’s mine. All are pretty self explanatory. My roundups go in the Christmas pot.


As I am renting a room, I don’t have many bills :blush:

Savings spaces located at Starling :bank: and Monzo :monzopride: :monzocard: is a bill paying account :wink:

My current pots :jigsaw:

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Why Monzo removed those pictures? :cry:

Or it did not match with updated UI? :thinking:

They weren’t made by Monzo

Have a search here, there’s a few threads where people were making them


Will do, thanks :+1:

No pots with Monzo anymore, it’s now just my shopping account.

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