Monzo I think I’m in love

Just like to say a very well done to the entire monzo team this is the first bank account that I have ever had that has enabled me to keep an eye on my money and set budgets so I know exactly where every last penny of my money has gone what a brilliant account thank you :slight_smile: :pray:


Welcome to the forum, glad you’re enjoying using Monzo.

Get stuck in here, this place is full of great conversations around Monzo and banking in general, and helpful users and members of staff who post because they love Monzo as much.


Sorry, first thing I thought when I saw the title

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Welcome to Monzoland. You’re one of us now.


That sounds a bit Papa Lazarou!


That is great news! Welcome.

Probably just hungry.

Hi @2e0raf :wave:

Welcome to the community! I’m super glad you’re enjoying Monzo and our budgeting features!

What’s your favourite feature of ours?

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It would have to be the ability to set money aside on the bills pot and the budgeting tools

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I completely agree. Across my personal and joint accounts I have ~£20,000 in total spread across about 20 pots. However all of that is set aside for very specific (and boring) purposes, like my tax bill, car maintenance, saving for Christmas and holidays, etc. My main balance hovers around a few hundred pounds and that makes me think twice about the occasional takeaway or splurge on Amazon. If I didn’t use pots the way I do, I’d just see a massive number in savings and constantly dip into that (which is what I did all the time pre-Monzo) and then not have enough money to pay for holiday flights/my tax bill/car service etc.

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