Getting back financial control!

I’ve had a Monzo account for a few months now, but I finally feel ready to start getting everything transferred over and going full Monzo. I couldn’t let the moment pass without sharing!
Having made use (extensively at times!) of overdrafts and credit cards, I feel that Monzo has given me the granular control over my money that I feel like I’ve always needed from my previous banking app.
Screenshot alert…!

Seeing money in pots is hopefully going to allow me to see exactly when and where my money goes and may, for the first time, give me the ability to keep savings!
I wanted to say a big thanks to the community and more importantly, the developers. You’ve made this 30-something, excited to deal with his finances!


Impressive emoji use there :raised_hands:

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Congratulations! That’s awesome that Monzo is helping you turn your finances around. It is such a great, freeing, feeling :grin:

Thanks! The Holiday Pot details who is coming along, the Fun Pot is as joyous (and as relevant!) as I’m hoping it will be!


also impressive pot imagery, not sure if any /all are standard but look well!

On a serious note, I’m a bit more casual about pots but they have worked for me in attempts to budget and save. Almost gamifies putting money aside. That and that “top tip” that the Barclays advert pushes “its easiest to save on pay day”

I think I was fortunate enough to be quite in control as it was, though not perfect by any means and aware that that could always change - but Monzo has definitely enhanced that for me in a big way

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Thanks a lot! The hope is to assign money to pots, but give myself an allowance of £150 p/month for spending. Whatever is left will get moved into the “Fun Pot” and rolled over into next month. If I want to make a larger purchase, I’ve just got to be frugal with spending for a few months, rather than have the instant gratification of purchasing!
Whatever is left from my total pay, minus pot allocations and allowance, will get moved into the Buffer Zone pot to help with paying for things which we didn’t expect.
I’m really hoping it’ll work! Although, the Salary Sorter looks like it’ll take care of most of the hard work.

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Hi Scott

Welcome to the community! Hope you stick around and become a part of it yourself :slight_smile:

Yeah, totally this here as well

Again, totally with you

More than anything else, Monzo has helped me to be on top of what is going on with my finances and by extension other aspects of my arrangements


Welcome and YAY!!

It’s nice to be reminded as to why I am so happy with Monzo as my main bank account, I feel much more aware and in-touch with my money than I have ever been. For me the instant notifications are the clincher, and easily seeing how much you’ve spent each day.

Add in Pots as a simple yet flexible way of controlling my money and the gamification they bring and we are all winners!

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