What Pots do you have? 🍯

Cool and cool!

Can you take me up with Chris?

Well that’s not how you hide :frowning:

Ah ha!

I don’t, I probably should. I do use Nectar and have permanent double points so that’s always about a tenner back a month (also used for food). Morrisons more, Tesco clubcard and BPMe Rewards. Better than nothing. :man_shrugging: I tend to use PetrolPrices app to find the cheapest, so that’s sometimes Asda. If I can get it a few quid cheaper filling up, I do that over collecting points equivalent.

I really want to ditch petrol and get an electric soon. Well over £5k spent a year on fuel atm, but the electric cars about £5k+ more than ICE, plus £500 a year in electric at a guess. Also 25,000+ miles a year and it’s very costly each month as your wiping the value off. Second hand electric maybe.

Most of these are annual expenses, so I tend to split by 10 and put that amount away each month for 10 months prior, giving me two months off each year.

Apple Treats - recently emptied :grin:
Wedding Anniversary - annual gift to my wife :clinking_glasses:
Wife’s Xmas Present - for my wife’s Xmas present :christmas_tree:
Wife’s Birthday - for birthday gifts to my wife :gift:
Wife’s Big Birthday - long term saving for a future milestone birthday :beach_umbrella:

Christmas - everything Xmas, locked until November :santa:
Monthly Surplus - previous months surplus, kept here just in case, before being shipped off to a savings account elsewhere :pig:

All bills are payed via NatWest due to the cashback we get :moneybag:

Also, I don’t actually use the word “Wife” in the pot names :joy:


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Huge list there!!

Do you have any fancy automation around your Work Expenses pot or is that manual?

Really …where do I find bills pots? I can’t see them.
Did you send out an email how to use them? No.
Is there an answer if I put in ‘Bill Pots’ under ‘Help’ in the ‘Search or ask a question’? No
Did I ensure I have the latest version of Monzo (Android)? Yes.
So I conclude that not all of us have access to Bill Pots yet.

So I have 2 savings Pots.
One labelled ‘Investing’ for err investing strangely enough.
and the other ‘Spend next year’ where I save up the money I estimated I am going to (one guess) spend next year on large one off things things like, holidays, insurance, car bills etc.
My regular Pots are self explanatory.
Temporary savings (for extra money I hope not to spend during the month).
Tax for tax bill from HMRC.
Holiday for holiday spending.
Presents for buying presents.
Shopping for non grocery shopping.
Personal care for hair dresser, nails etc.

You haven’t enabled it in labs yet?

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No of course I haven’t enabled it in labs. I am not intending to. I’d rather wait until it is out of labs and available to all, which is what this post implied…? I interpreted ‘available to all’ as a final product not one still in labs. (Note am an oldie so not tech savvy)

It is available to all, all you need to do is enable it in labs. Just because you’ve decided not to doesn’t mean it’s not available


So it’s available to all. You’re just choosing not to use it.

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Monzo Labs is available to all customers, they aren’t mutually exclusive!

Labs is where we provide early access to features, but once things are in Labs, all customers do have access to them, they simply need to choose to enable them :slight_smile:


For now, it’s manual to withdraw money. The plan is to take my calendar into account when processing transaction webhooks - as normally any work expenses occur in/enroute to London. For depositing money, that’s automated based on a trigger for the description of the payment made to me by work.

The only other bit of automation is that when my salary is received, it splits into the appropriate pots, however, @bruno’s hint at Salary Splitter, makes me think that’ll now be handled in house!

I have:

  • Car
  • Debt Repayment
  • Savings Challenge
  • Rainey Day
  • Holiday
  • ISA Savings
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I don’t really use pots.

I have one for roundup and another for the bills pot (purely wanted to try it, I prefer using left to spend).

I send my savings elsewhere as the rate is better.

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Can you elaborate on the IFTTT and shortcut setup you use? I’d love to do a similar thing for my AMEX spending.

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Sure! I found it on this forum actually:

The above post explains a full how-to, but basically if you follow that set up, you will come out with a shortcut (which you can add to your home screen on iPhone), which prompts you for an amount to move over.

Given AMEX don’t have an api or integrations with IFTTT, it seems the best way. Just basically need to press the button and enter an amount to transfer whilst you’re using your AMEX.

That’s great, thank you. I’m on android, but I see some discussion about that in the thread so I’ll do some digging or have a mess around with IFTTT myself. :slight_smile: