What new features can we expect to arrive by the end of Q2?

Would love to see more communication from Monzo to us Monzo Business users and let us know what we can expect in the near future.

I know the competition is fierce in the banking sector and so it’s difficult to unveil plans for 2022 and beyond but it would be nice if we could get word of features which are close to release (even by the end of Q2 / start of Q3) and currently undergoing internal testing?


I’m sure it would be lovely but Monzo don’t work like that so don’t get your hopes too high.

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Officially, yes; but realistically - probably not!

As someone who is considering joining Monzo, I would love to see some more improvements on the running of a business for the £5 a month. The fee is small I agree but you do not really get much for it.

I would like to see some much more simpler book-keeping involved.

Oh and some basic videos of what the Monzo business is offering for £5 a month vs Lite - the way it looks on the website is like the business side is a last minute after thought that they can’t be bothered with.

So much more can be done.


There’s a lot of exciting work on the way!

In particular, we’ve had lots of feedback about our invoices. So in the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out a bunch of improvements to make them easier to send and easier for your clients to understand. And making them VAT compliant will be simpler too :+1:

That’s paving the way for some bigger developments in the coming months, to help Monzo Business customers get paid more easily. But that’s all we can share for now… :zipper_mouth_face:


I think Greensill Capital beat you to it.

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This is EXACTLY the kind of thing I wanted to see!

Oh Monzo, you teasing us all :heart_eyes:

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It would be good to see some information on invoices and what business information with the software. It’s all very vague

Not that you asked me, but if I was you, I’d make my decision for or against a bank (or any other service) based on the services/features currently provided,not based on what is promised to come :soon:, however vague or detailed those promises might be.

Sadly, monzo and other fintechs have a history of promising features :soon: which then either don’t materialise at all, only with very long delays, or in a very different shape.


Hi All,

I’d actually be interested in more engagement from Monzo about what our business needs. We’ve been with Monzo Business since day 1 - we were one of the first trial accounts - and I do feel like the development has stalled (or at least certainly isn’t useful to us).

We don’t need our banking app to produce invoices or be VAT compliant; our accounts system Xero does all that (far better and in a format we need). What I’m actually looking for is more innovative changes. Things that look at real time savers for business.

For example, I’d love to see something like deeper integration between Xero and Monzo regarding payments (so I don’t have to manually set them up), akin to the system Xero have with TransferWise.
This would be a huge time saver. I mean, even NatWest could take a bulk payment file… surely Monzo should be able to do this and do it better?

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