Business banking in depth info wanted & more

Hi all,

I have not put any money into my personal Monzo yet - as not had my card come in the post - but been away for a few days and will start to put some money into the account very soon, BUT the one big thing for me is still Business.

This email is also a little like my old one I did and expanding from it a little.

A few questions and please do not shoot me down for asking as I have found a lot of people are hugely passionate about Monzo - and rightly so, I just would like to know your vies on the following:

  • First of all I have searched YouTube, and Monzo’s website and the internet and there hardly any information showing invoicing and the using of Pots for tax purposes, I would love to see the options, the layout designs etc. I strongly believe if Monzo had a lot of simple book keeping features in the ÂŁ5 a month package then this would kill what Starling are doing.

  • How are Monzo with making changes? I have heard people who use both saying Starling are updating user requests quicker…the moderators and Monzo staff on here - are they listening to users and making changes pretty quick if worth while?

  • If I do not like what I see with Monzo business and my next idea is use Monzo for personal and use Tide for business… how have users doing this found it works?

I would like Monzo for ÂŁ5 a month business to have a good integrated basic accounting back end built in.

Any one able to assist on the invoicing side please…why is there no videos showing what can be done etc !?

Thanks all.

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