We’re launching the first 100 Monzo Business Accounts!

(Beatrice Borbon) #1

Join the waiting list now!

Help us understand what features you'd like to see in a Monzo business account!
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That was quicker than expected! Signed up :crossed_fingers:

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #3

Get a 404 :frowning:

(Dan) #4

Ditto! Too excited to have all my accounts with Monzo :raised_hands:t2:


Refresh, its working now :+1:

(Jack) #6

Although I won’t need one I’m looking forward to seeing how this progresses

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #7

I’m just starting the timer for the first person to complain that it’s not a fully-featured business account.

(Ollie) #8

Really hoping I made the cut on this one! I was going to be opening with Starling this year, I would much rather start with Monzo :monzo:

(Alex Barrett) #9

I’ve got everything crossed I get selected. With so much going on in my business this year I’d really like it to be with Monzo rather than end up stuck down a path with another provider.

(Nathan) #10

As much as i think this was a needed step to take and I’m happy for all the new potential customers, I cant help but worry CA development will take a hit here now.

Still so many things that need polished with the CA but then again I want to see Monzo get profitable this year and business accounts seems to be the way for that!


Separate teams so I can’t see the CA taking a hit if I’m honest.

(Nathan) #12

I don’t believe they’ve taken on more staff for this though?

So by rule of thumb less devs/resources on CA if some have been allocated to BA


We don’t want building business bank accounts to distract us from making the Monzo current account amazing. So if we don’t get the funding, we won’t be able to dedicate lots of time and effort to business banking now.

If this happens, we’ll keep building our understanding of what you need from business banking and will still launch business accounts – we just won’t be able to make it a top priority for a while.

Source - https://monzo.com/blog/2018/11/22/business-banking/

(Nathan) #14

Personally, I think that article and the progress since actually strengthens my argument.

If we get the money, we’ll start building business banking accounts

We’re in the process of applying for money from both funds already, and we’ve started research and planning for business accounts. If we win, we’ll use the money from the Capability and Innovation fund to hire new people, who’ll be able to research, design, build, test, launch and market business banking accounts.

It’s still early days, so we’re not sure exactly what business accounts will look like yet, or when we’ll launch them. But the money will give us the resources we need to start work sooner, and hopefully launch something in the next year or two.

This article was published on 22nd Nov… its only turned February and look how much this has already accelerated and is sort of out of date.

Whereas summary, pot images, the few screen updates/refreshes haven’t seen as much progress unfortunately


Nice - is there anywhere I can see the features of it?


(Sean) #16

Amazing how fast the turnaround has been on this. Great work.

(NM) #17

I’m very sure that there are a couple of features that could be developed for both CA and business accounts.
This is what should be focused on. The features that can be ported over the various types of account and only require a reskin. This would make the division of labour and more importantly development time manageable


I haven’t seen the fee structure anywhere? I don’t want to join the waitlist if I can’t afford it.


You could use the same argument for any new product from any company - that’s how businesses work? Seems a really weird thing to pick up on?

(James Richards) #20

Joined the waiting list. This should be great. Very much looking forward to a business account for the digital age. My current business account is really not great and their business banking app has not received any update for over 2 years!!