What are your deal breakers before switching to Monzo Business Banking?

For me personally, I need the following before I can/will switch to Monzo Business Banking:

Cheque Imaging
Many of my clients are older and do not use online banking, and insist on paying me by cheque. My current provide Lloyds Bank has offered CI for a while now and it has made dealing with cheques so much easier. I need Monzo to offer this before I switch.

Bank Feed Support in FreeAgent
I use FreeAgent for my business accounting which is great. They have the ability to automatically import your transactions from your bank account. Before I can switch to Monzo Business, I need the Monzo feed supported in FreeAgent. This could be achieved by Monzo working with FreeAgent directly, or via their partner Yodlee.


Proper working international payments, with currency accounts.

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Hey @straddle & @hawc :wave: thanks for sharing :blush:

We’re working with FreeAgent now to have our automatic bank feed up and running soon :slightly_smiling_face: - stay tuned for updates.

International payments is also on our list - but we still have some work to do there to get it ready for everyone.

We don’t quite yet have cheque imaging ready, but until then, you can still pay in cheques via mail!


Isn’t not quite ready a bit misleading? You’ve said that you’re not working on it at all now.


Sorry about that, @TTJJ! Definitely didn’t intend to be misleading at all! Our payments team works on building payments related features, which includes joining new payment schemes (like the Image Clearing System). Earlier this year we paused our work on cheque image clearing. But we’re always re-evaluating ideas and planning for what comes next!

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