Updates to Invoices!

Afternoon everyone! :wave:

We’ve just made some updates to invoicing! Here’s what’s changed:

  • Your account number and sort code now appear on the invoice
  • We’ll BCC you - meaning you can keep a record of the invoice in your email and outside of Monzo if you’d like to
  • If the person paying you sets the payment reference as the invoice reference, the invoice will be automatically marked as paid!

If you’ve got a business account now, and would like to try this out, head to the Payments tab in your app, and then tap Invoices to the top-right.

Let us know what you think! What else would you like to see in invoices in the future?


Brilliant :+1:


Hey, just got my business account today, woohoo!

Will there be a way to save clients in the future so you dont need to keep filling out details?

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I have to be honest and really don’t see the point investing resource to improve invoices. Do you have metrics? How many people actually use your invoicing system? Pots for tax and vat would be so much more valuable for a business imo.

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I see a massive benefit in improving it. I use software to handle my invoicing which I pay monthly for, if Monzo provided similar functionality I could save some cash and have everything in one place.

Pots are available for tax and vat, which will be very useful.


Actually seen this functionality has already been considered https://trello.com/c/BBtDyn89

Happy days



Replacing your existing accounts software with Monzo is years off and will cost tens of millions. If not more.

Please can we just have some core business functionality before trying to take on established businesses?

Didn’t he only mention invoice software though?

Yeah true. But I still don’t see a need. How much do you pay for invoice software? Can’t be a lot? Shouldn’t Monzo go for bigger fish (when they have time / funds) rather than picking low hanging fruit that I assume not many will use?

Maybe for them it is “core business functionality”?

Not sure I totally catch your argument

Don’t do anything big yet, don’t do anything small yet, just do what I want seems to be the gist of it

What do you specifically want to see, as then it can go on the Trello board?

  1. No point doing something small to overhaul it in the future. False economy.

  2. No point doing anything massive when there are still core banking issues. Focus on core functionality first.

  • Categories are meaningless
  • Account fees don’t appear as a recording payment in summary
  • Bugs with setting up standing orders
  • Payee not created when setting up standing order
  • Merge contacts
  • Pots for tax / vat
  • Saving pot (would attract a huge number of business owners)

That’s off the top of my head and includes some bugs I’ve raised that haven’t been looked at.

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Some things for @jackcully and others to add to the list

Much more helpful than just general groans :slight_smile:

I wasn’t groaning. It’s constructive criticism.

For my business type (Design Contractor), I only want to have a basic list of clients that I invoice regularly so I don’t need to input their each time I raise a invoice, not hard to achieve and cost tens of millions.

The Trello board has some excellent functionality that’s been reviewed and I can’t wait to see the updates.

Meant the original point without specifics

Happy to agree that your list of points is constructive :slight_smile:

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Ah ok cool!

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I just tried the invoice feature - it’s really nice and convenient. One thing I would say is, when you get around to putting the pay me links into business accounts, it would be great to have a Pay Now link in the invoice email. Other than that, if you’re someone who has a better solution available then great, go with that but this feature works well, is neat and clean, is right there inside the Monzo app and I’m 100% sure this will be a useful tool for any number of small businesses and traders.


I’ve tried invoicing too. To be honest, I don’t like it.

  • On the Invoices tab, the Invoice description is flowing off the screen and obscuring the ‘Create new Invoice’ button, looks ugly and is clearly a bug
  • After creating an Invoice, there is no way to save the Client for future
  • There is no option to copy invoices (for when I need to change a few details e.g. date/time and send similar ones again)
  • It doesn’t save my business’s VAT number, even after inputting on a previous invoice, so I have to put the same number in every time
  • It would be nice to be able to schedule invoices, giving an in app notification before one is sent out to make any changes

My personal experience and circumstances is that I don’t have to create invoices a lot - I do a lot of agency work with my business, who frequently have self billing setup meaning that timesheets and invoices are all self contained in that. At the moment, I’m doing weekly timesheets myself though and it probably would’ve been a lot quicker to edit a PDF than use Monzo.

I’d like to use an invoicing feature in Monzo, but will probably wait to see some of the improvements I outlined above.

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