We're celebrating one year of Monzo Business!

We launched Monzo Business a year ago this week! Here’s how’s it’s gone so far, and what’s coming next.


Congratulations on the milestone, Jordan!

Here’s an extract about what’s next:

In the next 12 months, we’ll be launching new tools that make it just that little bit easier to run your business. We’ll introduce new ways for you to request payments and get paid, so you can get paid faster and easier. We’ll give you more control of your spend, with new ways to pay. And, we’ll build support for international payments, so you can grow your business outside of the UK.

I think the last sentence might be of particular interest to lots of folks here!


The entire onboarding process of setting up a business account on Monzo was so easy, it left me thinking Monzo Business had been around for years, little did I know it had been launched only 9 months prior :exploding_head:

Have to admit the Monzo Business web app is my favourite feature and being able to create an invoice in the web app is so smooth :trophy: :clap:

Got my fingers crossed that read only access will be coming soon to Monzo Business so I can let my accountant take a look over the account any time they’re free :crossed_fingers:


We’ll give you more control of your spend, with new ways to pay.

Cheque book confirmed


Paying in at Post Office

What other ways to pay people money are there? :thinking:

Cryptocurrency :see_no_evil:


Badger pay


Glasgow Kiss - suggested by the dude who wanted an Iron Man suit and a NFC chip implanted in his head


It’s a PayPoint cheque book.

Everytime you need to pay someone you take your cheque to the local place and the employee stamps it and writes their name.

If they don’t know their name or the stamp is broken, don’t worry, there’s another PayPoint around the corner.

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Sounds like most of the paypoint stories i’ve seen

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We were very happy to be one of the first 100 beta accounts. Pleased to see progress on improvements to statements recently. Looking forward to seeing some of the new developments you mention @jrdn - new ways to get laid sounds interesting.

Edit. Oh dear. New ways to get PAID…