Recommend me some songs!

Just under 2 hours of work left, recommend me some upbeat songs to get me grooving!

Or pretty much anything else from him

I mean could anything be more appropriate than 9-5?

Just insert your working hours accordingly.

Ahh brilliant! This is completely new for me, thanks for the suggestion!

Love this classic!

Thank you for the suggestion :rocket:

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Even though I switched to Apple Music in autumn 2020, this was still my year in review on Spotify:

I guess I’m a fan :sweat_smile: hope you’ll like it!

His stuff is really different to what I usually listen to, so I really appreciate listening to something new!

My top picks for last year where all musical theatre :joy:

Wow what a throwback! Thank you!

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Here comes the rain on the new Weezer album ok human

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Mention of throwbacks, and the day of the week being what it is, leads me to follow up with this gem :sweat_smile:


Thanks for the wonderful suggestions folks!

I hope you all have a lovely evening :relaxed:

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Oh what a throw back - Wigfield :joy: