What music are you listening to at the moment?

Easter is Cancelled…The Darkness…Brilliant!!

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Mostly citypop or some other varient on Jpop or future funk.
Citypop can be found on youtube or via bitorrent (no links being given out for that here for legal reasons)

Currently listening to a self-built playlist of Queen tracks (mostly album ones) because it’s been a long week and I know them all … comfort listening.

Right now: I’m slightly mad. Apt!

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As long as you don’t think you’re a banana tree :banana: :deciduous_tree: :wink:

Fell down a rabbit hole and ended up listening to Belle and Sebastian for the first time in 20 years, more or less.

The whole album is great, memorable title track and all.

“But if you are feeling sinister / Go off and see a minister / He’ll try in vain to take away the pain of being a hopeless unbeliever…”

Quite a contrast this morning, first was Big Thief, and now Melt Banana.

Kodaline recorded a few songs just a few minutes walk from me, at a studio I’ve also recorded in. Unfortunately I think it might have closed down now, but up until very recently it was one of the only analogue-only studios left in the UK. It’s most famous for being the place where Duran Duran recorded their first demos, including the original versions of “Rio” and “Girls On Film” :slight_smile:

I keep catching a song from Brittany Howard on the radio and think there’s another unreleased Prince track in the offing.

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This one

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After seeing Muse in Birmingham a few weeks ago (heard they were the best band to see live, was never much of a fan but was intrigued)

All I can say is wow. Jaw was on the floor the entire show.

Have been listening to their latest album and back catalogue ever since!!

Rollo, Dido, and Sister Bliss - nearly Faithless!

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I was talking to a friend recently about how that is one of the most obscure Jacksons tracks! Lol.

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Yep it is. I was talking to a mate that had no idea about this track whatsoever. I do think it was the best track the Jacksons have done post Michael leaving the group.

If you think about it this song should of been a lot more popular then it was, especially as it was used in the move Burglar staring Whoopi Goldberg. Then again that movie was savaged by the critics. I quite liked it myself. :man_shrugging:

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I’d have to argue that 2300 Jackson St is the best later-stage Jacksons song, because it’s the only Jacksons track from that era that has both Michael and Janet on it, and for bonus points it was produced by Teddy Riley two years before Dangerous came out!

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The Boss

Personally, I’ve been listening to Over It by Summer Walker. It’s genuienly so good.

Not sure who did this or how, but someone has uploaded a remastered video of Tupac’s “2 Live & Die in LA” video to YouTube and it’s the best quality version I’ve seen.

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