What music are you listening to at the moment?

Touche Amore to get through a cold day in Glasgow :snowflake:


Very NSFW but I love this song

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Yes this, same.

The video of making the music video is also good.

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Really good song.

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It will all be fine…

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New album by Dream State now available

One of my favourites

Current car CD of choice is Fleetwood Mac’s 50 Years album (the three disc version) on a repeated cycle.

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It’s the last 20 seconds which makes the video for me.


This song has been in my head most the day, goodness knows why:

(Video includes bonus Penn & Teller)



m-m-m-my sharona :musical_note:

Both great songs!

My random superpower is naming which famous rock/funk/jazz songs were sampled in famous hip-hop tunes. Probably why I was one of the first ever moderators on WhoSampled.com when it first launched :joy:


Heard this last week for the first time in ages and it’s stuck in my head now


Haha, that’s amazing; not that I can remember what they were now, but I know that WhoSampled.com has provided the answers for me a few times when I’ve done a ‘where have I heard that bit from that song before?’ Google search.


BABYMETAL, a pop-metal band from Japan.

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Some classic Massive Attack right there. I may be a bit of an outlier though, in that my favourite album is not Blue Lines or Mezzanine, but Heligoland.

Interesting choice but it’s got a different vibe to the others