What is the 'No Spendtember' Challenge and how can you start it?

It’s September’s answer to the No Spend Challenge. Here’s how to start it:

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If you really want to commit to the challenge, though, lock your pots

With the changes to the way locked pots work, I wouldn’t have bothered putting this in the article.



You can unlock them early now, removing most of the friction and therefore their entire point.

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Like what do you mean changes

Oh yep this. I mean there is still the point because that might be enough to make people think twice since it closes the pot as well - mainly for people who are doing this challenge with a current savings pot with other money in it

I just gave this a test, and unlocking the pot did not also close the pot. Just turned it into a normal unlocked pot.

ah nice :ok_hand:t2:

I’m looking forward to giving this a go :+1:

I’m a pro at this not buying useless crap, I’ve already done:

No Spenuary
No Spebruary
No Spendarch
No Spendril
No Spenday
No Spendune
No Spenduly
No Spendgust

Not working out as well as I hoped in saving money. :pensive:

I’m hoping No Spendtember is the one. :crossed_fingers:


9th is the charm as the people say

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Don’t buy plus :wink: you save money every month :joy:


I save money with plus compared to where I get my content insurance now by going the plus route :joy:

I take it you splurged out last Spendcember?

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Spember as I like to call it is a double month of splurging in Nov/Dec for useless Xmas tat.

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Shouldn’t people spend like this every month though?

Spend like what?

Do you mean only pay for essentials and nothing else? :slightly_frowning_face: If so I imagine it would mean your life would be quite dull :frowning:


Interesting. Which platform/app version are you using? On mine it only allows me to ‘Unlock and withdraw’ which closes the pot.