‘Lock-tober’: The new saving challenge to help manage your money this October

‘Lock-tober’ is a challenge where you keep your money locked in a Pot until the end of the month. Here’s how to get started:

It’s a challenge where you keep your money locked in a Pot until the end of the month.

Gonna make buying food interesting :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Just don’t eat - problem solved :rofl:


This was my favourite name suggestion from the Facebook community :raised_hands:

No-spend-vember is too obvious

Just in case that’s where this is going

Redesign The locked pots then do the post and the challenge

Locktober is already a thing that certainly doesn’t involve banking and is very NSFW, just FYI.


This is different, it has a - in it

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I made the tragic error of searching for it on Twitter (without the hyphen!). See what people were saying about it.

It was not financial. I repeat, it was NOT financial.


I preferred Ocsober.

Ok now I have to burn this computer too.

Hopefully our super-SEO-optimised blog post cleans these up a bit :lock:


I shouldn’t have said anything - we all need to burn our screens / eyes / everything now :worried:

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I’m already sober :see_no_evil:


What about Sober Plus?

I’m not sure what it would entail but being sober+ does sound fun.

Was it fiscally irresponsible?

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Me + Amazon/eBay after payday.

I’m keeping my search history clean and not doing the search to find out :thinking:

Best not - or eBay and Amazon might start that targeted advertising that’ll follow you around the internet until you give in

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Decimalber next? (lock your roundup pot through December?)
Januavings (add £1 to your savings pot every day in January?)
Februavings… ummm…