Locked Pots Until Reached Goal Target

It would be great if you could set a goal as the pots lockable feature, so you can save until you reach the goal, and unlock when you’ve reached it.

Locked pots are something which has come up recently, maybe check out the threads below

One of the recurring things is the amount of friction there should be around unlocking a locked pot. Monzo got burned early on by having customer ops staff as the only route to unlock a locked pot early, unfortunately they were overwhelmed by requests to unlock early, so opted to let the user have control of the lock

I can see value in having the goal target as an option to unlock (and it would encourage saving quite well), I’ve not used goals so not sure how much fanfare there is about reaching a goal, maybe worth considering if a change there or to the lock is better

Yes, seems like there could be changes here.
It’s an idea to add an alternative to when it can unlock.
Saving for new furniture that costs £800:
Something without a specific date to save for, but once you’ve reached the £800 it unlocks.
But still keeping the same manual rules on closing and withdraw the funds.

This has already been suggested, you can vote for it below.