Upgrade from Plus To Premium

Sorry if this is obvious but if I’ve paid my Monzo Plus fee for the Month and want to upgrade to Premium in the same month, how will I be charged?

Will I be charged £10 that month or the full £15? Effectively paying for both accounts.

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Good question, I don’t recall seeing the answer on here so give it a go and let us know.

I doubt they’ll charge you for both, more likely the difference. That seems most logical and fair, so I’d argue after if that’s not the case. But for now, since it’s only a few pound, hit the button and find out :slight_smile:

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If you cancelled Plus (outside of the minimum-term), then bought Premium, you would get a pro-rata refund for any used Plus-time, then charged £15 for Premium. I can’t imagine the upgrade button being punitive compared to that journey.

It works really well. You get a refund for Plus and then the whole £15 taken for Premium.

Here’s what happened for me:

(My refund isn’t for the whole Plus month as it was around halfway through my Plus month: it’s done on a pro-rata basis).



As soon as I applied for Premium, I was instantly charged a full cycle (month) of Premium.
But I was also refunded an amount that represents the period from the same day, to the end of what would have been the current cycle of Plus (of which I had already paid £5 for, up-front)


So I used 81p of the £5 Plus payment for the current Plus cycle before Premium started & got £4.19 of the Plus payment back.

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I guess that effectively resets your billing date too then for Premium if you’re charged a full month on Day 1.

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Yep! I used the opportunity to wait until the 1st.

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Good guess. It does. I didn’t wait.


Out of interest, why if you upgrade to premium from plus and then cancel does it reset to a basic account?

Feels like it should return you back to plus.

Perhaps this has been answered

Back to basic and you lose virtual cards.

Yeah I understand that this is what happens but why, wondered if it had been answered perhaps :slight_smile:

Lock in and profit maximisation, I suspect. Not a good look.


I asked the q to help some weeks ago;

Good afternoon Ben :wave: from the Monzo/Plus Premium team here.
Unfortunately we don’t have a way to downgrade your account to Plus. The way to do this would be to cancel your Premium subscription and then re-sign up for Plus. Your virtual cards will be cancelled in the process and can’t be restored unfortunately, but any custom categories should come back automatically.
You can cancel Monzo Premium from the Premium tab, by selecting “Settings”, then “Cancel Monzo Premium”.
You can then sign up for Monzo Plus by tapping this link.
Please note you’ll need to be on the latest version of the app to sign up.
I’m sorry to hear you want to cancel Monzo Premium. Was there anything we could have done better?

So only “we don’t have a way to do it” was the official line


I think we need to judge then on their actions rather than their words here.

I can quite believe that they didn’t build this for other reasons, given that Monzo has form for not finishing stuff. But I don’t think that’s particularly relevant here: the impact remains lock in and profit maximisation. It’s sad, because it takes away some of the lustre and chips away at Monzocs reputation. I also think that, perversely, it might also reduce revenue, rather than increase it.

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