What Is Auddis?

Seen it listed on my Payees on my legacy bank, I have messaged them and waiting on a reply.
Is it something Legit ? I’ve done some googling but cannot find which company it is

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Ok great, but how do I know which company is initiating this? I have asked the bank and waiting on a reply… just getting abit anxious

the amount or payment dates doesnt seem familiar? you cant think of any companies you had a DD with that you cant see? are they still taking payments?

Its a new account, nothing has come out yet

have you set any DDs up recently?

Yes. There are three that I recognise, the fourth one is Audis so can only speculate its council tax, tv license or insurance

it’s not TV license as they appear as themselves on my DD list

Council tax seems a good shout

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Should my bank be able to confirm this ? They say I could be waiting 2 days for a reply

I would doubt it. Auddis are collecting it on behalf of someone so i dont think the company name would be included anywhere

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Ok fair enough, there is a ref number

Possibly as a reference when it’s taken though

Do you have emails or letters from setting up the DDs? i should say on those who is collecting it

Its my council tax ! Found the letter they just sent, lifesaver thank you