An aunthorised direct debit notification

I had a notafication about a company wanting to sent a direct debit to my account. I tried to do something about it but tthe it wouldn’t take me to that page. So i don’t know what is going onn with this suppose direct debit set up. I can’t find it in my direct debit section. So i don’t know what is going on with it if its going through or hasn’t done anything.

searching in the help section on the app will give you an idea …the question mark bottom right on iOS …type in your question

I used - " when will a direct debit appear in my feed "- it then gives you a list of linked relevant questions …tap on that and it may give you the answer :slight_smile: …welcome to the community by the way

Are you sure this isn’t a scam, a company shouldn’t be contacting you of of the blue asking you to setup a direct debit. You setup and authorise these at the time you sign up for their services.

Where was the notification from?

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It could be but i don’t know as it was a lotto thing, it was a free ticket the first time, didn’t win anything but now they have tried to make a direct debit. i don’t see it anywhere in my DD section so i’m hoping it hasn’t gone through.

Maybe read the terms of the promotion, see if there is anything there.

I set up a DD on Saturday, got the notification this morning.

I didn’t accept the set up as i never went into monzo to do it. I’m hoping that nothing has gone any further with this as i didn’t autorise the set up. I tried to click the 3 dots but when i asked for details it wouldn’t go there. Just had a white screen

You don’t set direct debits up with Monzo. You set them up with the company that wants you to pay them, Lotto in this case.

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You will have done when you signed up. They’ve now set up the direct debit, nothing will happen right away but it will come out of your account soon.

You need to speak to Lotto and cancel the direct debit.

Instead of waiting and hoping you’re best taking control and figuring it out for yourself. It will save you from any complications or added stress in the future should they actually take the money.

As mentioned above, Monzo only setup direct debits on instructions from other companies that you’ve agreed them with. So you need to speak to the Lotto people to tell them that you no longer want their services and to cancel the direct debit.