What if Apple or Android pay died tomorrow

Intrigued to know everyone’s thoughts on this.
What if there was no Apple or Android pay? How would you feel if you had just a card to make transactions?

The same.


Nothing would change for me. Maybe turn this into a poll?

I use Apple Pay all the time but I’d live. I never go anywhere without my wallet anyway just in case.

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I’d have to start bringing my wallet into work - stopped doing so a few weeks ago


A minor inconvenience at most. I have my card in my wallet anyway.

Edit: It would be annoying for the first few days to a week, after that I’d adjust. Just like I did when contactless payments were introduced… etc

Would be quite annoying for me,

I would probably look at something like bPay,

Or buy a phone case with a card holder.

What’s the premise for this question?

If there was no google pay or Apple Pay I’d use Barclays pay instead or bPay that basically does the exact same thing.

People with Samsung phones could just use Samsung pay.

With no google pay or Apple Pay other banks would also implement their own system or make using the available infrastructure, so lots of those would pop up as well.

Basically business as usual.

I dread to think what a legacy bank implementation would be like.

#Tap your phone on the payment device.
#Enter your mother’s maiden name in hieroglyphics.
#Enter your 16 digit PIN number.
#Do 15 one arm press ups.
#Insert into card reader, press respond
#Insert 65 digit confirmation number

Congratulations, you have just purchased a 16p banana.

This will show on your statement on 3-5 working days.


It works pretty much the same as any other system. Tap and go.

You missed

#If the wind is blowing from the East, guess a random number between 0-1000

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I would live my life in the exact same way as I do now. I take my wallet everywhere and 99% of the time use my card for transactions.

This literally feels like the algorithm for whether you catch a Pokémon in the first few games :rofl:

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You can actually put your card behind the cover on the back of the phone (if you use a cover anyways…) and use the card’s built-in contactless feature while pretending to use apple pay/google pay :smile:
next level of denial


No difference to my life. I can’t get into the habit of using it, card is easier.

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I carry my phone and my wallet with me so nothing would change. I mostly use direct card payments anyway.


Interesting you say that. For me phone is easier to remove from my pocket, double-click and tap. Rather than remove wallet, then remove card (making sure it doesn’t drag out any other cards with it…) before tapping…


Used Apple Pay for the first time last week. Meh. Not exactly game changing


I’m intrigued whether there’s any difference in income generated for Monzo depending on the payment type used :thinking:

If Apple / Android Pay goes down and everyone reverts to contactless or chip & pin, would this be more advantageous to them as there would be less commission / fees taken by Apple / Google for example?

It protect’s your card’s data tho through an “abstraction layer” so the data (card’s) is never exposed.

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