ApplePay Flag

(Harry) #1

Firstly, I am so so happy that Monzo finally has ApplePay :tada:

What I’d love to see to enhance this, is a little flag in the app to show when a transaction was processed via ApplePay and the ability to search for these transactions too.


(Dan) #2

I like this idea :slight_smile:

(Jack) #3

Similar to how they have proposed for pots and pay pal transactions maybe?


I’m curious, what insight into your spending would this provide you?

(Harry) #5

I just find this sort of data interesting tbh


Ah ok. I spend a lot of time organising and staying on top of my finances, I was wondered if you used this for anything or if it was just an interest :slight_smile:


I’d be ok with it being searchable or when you select a transaction it mentioned it was done through Apple Pay but I’d hate a tag on the home screen/transaction list.

(Aaron) #8

Definitely agree with this; great idea - an automatic tag for Apple Pay transactions. Would be handy to differentiate what transactions we’re Apple Pay authenticated vs which we’re standard non device verified contactless but via Apple Pay. Not sure if this is possible?!


Just as having icons for Chip and Pin, and Contactless

(Toby Toller) #10

Like the proposed badging for coin jar?

(Oli) #11

Not sure it’s something that justifies a place on the feed - but it should probably be called out on the transaction detail screen (It’s not currently called out in any way on Android)

(Adam Kendrew) #12

They have something similar in the Barclaycard app to show when you used contactless.

Although it doesn’t differentiate between contactless use of the card or Apple / Google Pay.