No more cards?!

So a new idea I have come across on bPay
They are using key fobs and stickers to house a contactless icon so hence no need to carry a card or phone?!

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Issue I see with bPay devices is that they last one year (?) then you have to buy another

Once we bring our card processing operations ‘in house’ we’ll be able to look into cool stuff like virtual cards :slightly_smiling_face: We’re excited to explore this further!


Thank you I know there is a fee and it says they last 2yrs but just a thought for people that like that sort of thing,
It’s a bit gadgety for younger people?

Really clever idea. If Monzo would release any wearable cash, I’d most likely pay to get one (just to keep transactions in Monzo). I’d feel safer if cash on thingie was on separate sub-account though. It could be also great temporary payment source, if you loose your card.

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That could be where the virtual cards come in though…

I’ve always liked the idea of this - would be cool for the underground or going on runs


Nose rings…where you sniff the point of sale terminal to pay :joy:


I can’t wait till cards go altogether but until Barclays and Santander open up their NFC and the £30 contactless limit is removed for Apple Pay there will always be the need for cards.

I would hate it if there was no more cards. I regularly have my mobile battery die during the day and regularly shop in towns or stores with poor or no mobile reception. Until they make batteries that can cope with 18 hours plus of continual heavy use rather than intermittant use for just 12 hours or so, and until we can get a good strong signal be it on 3G or 4G the idea of using a mobile for payment horrifies me

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I’m fairly sure that contactless doesn’t require an Internet connection at time of purchase on the mobile

yes but chip and pin above the floor limit does, hence my point about no getting rid of cards for phone payments. if they replaced these slim smartphones with built in battery and aerial for thicker phones with a longer lasting removeable battery and an aerial you can put out to extend then they may be more usable for the apps installed on them

Great, please consider items similar to the bPay Loop.

I carry a watch every day - but don’t want to carry a separate wrist band and don’t always take my keys. Something that comes with me always would be the most desirable.

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I’d be interested if Monzo sold something like the bPay Loop.

I wouldn’t want a key ring fob, as I’d probably lose my keys when fumbling with shopping bags. A loop on a watchstrap would be ideal.

Is all of this going to become redundant when the next Mastercard chipset is released?

Iirc aren’t Mastercard talking about fingerprint scanners on the card etc?