What Have you Discovered in 2019 to Save Money?

What have you discovered in the last 12 months which will save you money on an on-going basis for years to come? Why not share them for everyone else?

Mine has to be https://edenperfumes.co.uk. About ten years ago I had some aftershaves from a fragrance matching company and they were not good. But the ones from Eden seem to be very premium, perfect matches and long lasting (and of course much cheaper than the ‘real’ ones with the fancy packing and marketing). I have six in total - four which I chose based on fragrances I am already familiar with and I also took two which I did not know - but now love! This will save money for years to come.

Secondly - something so simple and obvious - a water filter jug instead of buying bottles of mineral water (I don’t like unfiltered tap water). Saving money and plastic.

What have you discovered this year?


Another Eden Perfume user here; I discovered them in Brighton when they were doing a promotion and I’ll probably never buy the other stuff again.

My biggest change for 2019 was jumping on the meal prep wagon. I work in central London where buying lunch will set you back 6.50 easily, add a pastry and a coffee and you’re at a tenner. I did have to get over my fear of eating the same thing more than once in a row, also money saving as I now have less food waste.

Other small money saver is Citymapper’s go card which they’ve just expanded outside zone 2.


I found using premium petrol gives me better mileage per £

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:point_up: Interesting. Trying premium has always been at the back of my mind. Going off your positive discovery, I’ll trial it and see if it works for me too. Thanks :oncoming_automobile::smile:


I found delivery of loo roll, by WhoGivesACrap.com really good - each individual roll is a bit more expensive but they last waaaay longer.


Which have you tried? If that is not too personal a question :grinning:

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Haha, I won’t go into too much detail… butt… I got the “Premium Bamboo” one from them - £40 for a box of 48 rolls. 85p per roll. Or 22.5p per 100 sheets.

The rolls are double length, so last a lot longer, and the bamboo version is super duper soft.

I would typically get whatever triple-ply was on offer in like a 9 pack. A quick look at Sainburys and that’s about £5 for 9. Or about 55p / roll. But with fewer sheets per roll, it’s equates to about 40p per 100 sheets.

There’s also “bumboo” who do the same thing at the same price.

On a side note, I was just looking up loo roll prices on sainsburys, and I had to do a double take at their per unit cost… 40p per what?!?



I use Eden too! Actually just got one of my bottles refilled. :heart_eyes:


Not sure if it could be called saving money but started investing for the first time ever this year. Poor interest rates and great apps like FreeTrade are what helped my start

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I switched energy supplier. Now a proud Octopus Energy customer, saving ~£200 a year (25% of my bill :smile:). Probably sounds obvious to most but first time I’ve bothered and I’m kicking myself for not doing it before

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I have discovered that i can not save money


I saved money by trying to renegotiate deals when my contract was up for renewal.

With VirginMedia, I called up to leave them after my bill went up to £83 per month. It took just two calls for them to offer me the same deal for £43 per month (though frustratingly another 19 calls for them to implement that deal properly :rage:).

It also took a couple of calls to Vodafone for them to offer me a 20% discount.

Switched to Octopus a year ago, and have been saving quite a bit there.

Sadly, my home insurance is still quite high, so that’ll be next on my list.


Most of my practices have centered around better organising my money.

Quite recently I obtained a Tandem Cashback card (Rip, but there are quite a few other cards out there with cashback still) and every time I spend I put theoney into an interest earning pot. It’s in track to save me about £60 a year on cashback and interest. Which isn’t too shabby at all.

I now have pots for all my holidays for 2020, gifts, shopping, never been more organised and I’m benefit from the interest.


For me it has been round up and IFTTT which moves £5 over every time it rains (I’ve even set up an IFTTT to move £1 if I move a song into a Spotify playlist :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

The 1p challenge as well has paid for Christmas and money left over for a holiday - I’ll be doing the 1p challenge for the foreseeable.
The above has helped so much in me saving money where before I never had any savings.

Outside of that I’ve been really disciplined with making my our meals and properly setting out meal plans every Sunday for the following week. Food shop for my girlfriend and I is around £25 a week for all meals and we eat very well. Specially me :pig: