Monzo community I need help,

I want to get myself a GoPro for my holiday but having checked them out on their site and amazon etc they look extremely expensive. Is it worth shopping around for a second hand one? Or perhaps there is a less well known brand that is cheaper? The only real requirements I have is that it takes good pictures and videos, is waterproof and I can transfer media to my iPhone without the need for a computer! :video_camera: :video_camera: :video_camera:

Hope you guys can help.


Out of curiosity - which GoPro have you specifically looked at ?

A lot of the off brand ones that I’ve seen/used aren’t the greatest in quality in the video/photo let lone the build - so might work for a while but then will break, then not having customer support to help when those issue occur - or like I said the quality of the video/photo just sucks.

Another one to look out for might be the new DJI Osmo Go series (I think that’s the name).

One thing that might be worth waiting for instead of going second hand would be Black Friday - amazon usual have go-pro sales on during then.

The reason to why not second hand would be the lack of warranty etc.

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I looked into the HERO7 Black, Silver and White, with White looking more for me, but still at £180! And I think that’s without any accessories.

Black friday is a great shout!

I had the same problem when I went travelling - I ended up getting the most recent SJCAM that was out at the time.

It can connect to your phone for immediate download/ you can obviously get a SD Card converter.

It was built well, came with a waterproof case and overall did a pretty decent job. It wasn’t as good a quality as you’d get with a GoPro but I ended up saving a couple of hundred pounds.

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That sounds more like it!

Realistically I’ll only use it when I don’t want to damage my iPhone (which has a fantastic camera on it anyway) so it seems a bit OTT to go buying a top of the range GoPro for this sort of situation, and I can’t seem myself using it massively when I’m home.

I’ll check out the SJCAM, thanks a lot

I ended up coming to the same conclusion - it did everything I was after, time lapse, 720-1080p video and it came with an accessories pack.

It was perfect for what I needed, and I’ll use it every now and then when i go back out on holiday - to shell out £250+ for a GoPro just seemed silly.

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Maybe look at something like this

YI is made by Xiaomi so decent reputation, I have one of their dash cams and I’m happy with the quality.

If all you know is that it’s “for holiday”, you’ll be massively better off with a cheaper Chinese knock-off.

Unless you have a specific use case/use cases in mind, it’s impossible to make useful recommendations. The right camera for skydiving/sub-disciplines in scuba is massively different. What activities are you doing on holiday? Do you care about colour-grading, HDR, shooting modes, frame rates?

I am actually looking for one for Florida water parks for the rides that I can sit in with the kids to see their faces as they :poop: themselves :joy: will only be used for holiday water parks


Or this one

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Hopefully they won’t :poop:, otherwise there’ll be a shut down :rofl:

There seems to be a tonne on amazon all very similar at great prices.

Should be perfect for catching the ‘action’