Monzo USA Team Update - 13th September 2019 :monzo_usa:

Hey forum friends :wave: With @Anthony away enjoying a well deserved break, I offered to jump in and give you all an update on Monzo USA progress on behalf of our most excellent US team :monzo_usa:

So here’s what’s been happening since our last update—hot off the proverbial press! :newspaper:

We moved into our new home :house_with_garden:

We’ve moved into our new office space. Our LA team will be working from Second Home Hollywood, and here’s a little sneak peek of our space :sunny::palm_tree:

We’ve been focussing on feedback and user research :mag_right:

We’re listening to your ideas and love hearing what you need! Knowing more about how you pay your bills, send money to friends, and manage your financial goals are all super important for helping us build Monzo—so keep the feedback coming!

Naomi has been hard at work delving into everything we found out from our first launch events—figuring out where the pain points might be in our current sign up flow, what terminology is confusing, and what questions are constantly popping up.

We’ve started scouting out venues for more events :us:

We’re figuring out what worked and what didn’t from our first two events, and thinking about bigger and smaller events! Keep an eye on the forum and your emails for updates on these!

We did a deep dive into product ideas :bulb:

Right now, our early stage US product has similarities to our UK product. We want to make sure we’re building a product that works for our US customers, in the US, so we started to think about product ideas make sense for our US customers further down the line.

…but for now we’re focussing on making our current offering as smooth as possible :sparkles:

For the rest of this year, we’d like to work with our core offering as it stands to reach significantly more people. We’ve made huge progress, but we want to ensure we—and our customers—are comfortable and happy with the user experience as it exists now before we start adding more new features!

Meghan went to FinCon 2019! :raised_hands:

Our Monzo US Marketing Manager @MeghanRuff (wow that’s a lot of M’s) went to FinCon 2019 in Washington DC and by all accounts had a great time. She nailed her 30-second elevator pitch, and confirmed that US folks are as in love with Hot Coral as we are in the UK :blush: She learned some key information about the present and future of Fintech in the US, what people are looking for from us and other new challengers, and how events like this and similar conferences can help us moving forward.

And finally, we’re still hiring :eyes:

There’s some key roles we’re hiring for in the US, including Android, iOS and web engineers amongst others! So if you know someone great (or if you ARE someone great), then is the place to be.

If you have any questions, be sure to reply and let us know :slight_smile:

Until next time! :wave:


I’m totally missing that gorgeous sunshine over here in the UK :cry:

This is all super exciting stuff for us! Woo :raised_hands:


Great update Simon, thanks :pray:

30 second elevator pitch sounds like a challenging thing to do :grimacing:


Love the office :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Sounds awesome and like you are approaching it in the right way. There are so many all differences in how Americans manage their money that it would be easy to just import the existing UK product which just feels slightly off.

For example, I am in the US right now and it’s very common that a merchant reserves a big amount on the card but will only ever actually take a small amount from the card. So I was just using a vending machine that reserved $5 when I sipped the card. I made my selection and got my snack (cost $2). I imagine the vending machine company will only end up actually charging me $2 and not the remaining $3. But with Monzo the app showed me that I immediately spent $5.


Where’s my invite to the new office @simonb ? :wink:

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No more weekly updates?

I’ll see where the team are at! I think it’s probably time for another one. The team is still pretty small and working flat out, so a weekly schedule is hard to stick to, but every few weeks should be ok :blush: