Transferring Direct Debits to Monzo

I have both HSBC and Monzo personal accounts. The HSBC a/c has a number of active DDs. I want to transfer these to the Monzo a/c. Can I use the ‘Switch’ service for this? All that I read implies that the new account is just that - set up at the same time as the switch, which is not the case here.

If not, what is the best way to do this? I hope that it doesn’t involve editing each individually.


Using the CASS service to transfer the DDs to Monzo will result in the HSBC account being closed.

Unfortunately if you want to move them, and you don’t want to close your HSBC account, then you will need to do this manually.

TBH I have had to do this previously and with many companies changing the bank account is a breeze, not quite the chore you imagine it to be. Of course, there’s always one!


Thanks for the speedy reply. So I can use the Switch service with my existing Monzo account, not just with a newly opened one as long as the HSBC one is then closed? That would be great.

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Exactly that, Once the switch has finished with the switch service, the HSBC account will close automatically.

Yes you can use your existing account, it doesn’t matter how old your Monzo account is, you can switch any other account to it at any time


Good news. Many thanks.

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