switching accounts - closing orignal account down ??


I am in the process of switching over my DD. I want to keep my old account open however when reading through the term it states that it will close the account switching is coming from. Is there an option to not do this?

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If you use the CASS service to Monzo, then it will close the old account and move everything over. I don’t think Monzo let you do a partial switch anymore.

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You need to manually move your direct debits over.

It’s fairly simple to do because most can be changed online.

Manual on monzo or with my current current accout ? Thanks

If you don’t want to close your old account, then you’ll need to go to each person you pay a direct debit to and tell them your new bank details.

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I was referring to going to each providers website, logging in and changing it there. This is what I did and it doesn’t take too long. I only had to call a couple of them.