What do YOU want to see in Q3 and Q4 of 2020? 👀

  • Add photos to Payees
  • Dark Mode
  • Custom Categories
  • Cheque Imaging
  • Monzo Credit Card
  • Monzo Points
  • Connect Credit Cards
  • Monzo Plus Relaunched
  • Easier Customer Service Contact In-App
  • Stronger Merchant Data Corrections

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None of the above.


Rather than just adding images to payees, i’d like to see that area of the app overhauled in general


Agreed! So would I @Addzy :raised_hands:t3: :grin:

I don’t think we can expect much with the upcoming redundancies. We are getting relaunched plus but I think I have given up expectations of much else


Interested - could someone tl;dr on the “Easier customer service contact in-app” please?

I think this refers to the fact that the “chat with us” button no longer exists.

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Oh gosh, don’t open that can of worms :rofl:

As i’m sure you’re aware there’s an A/B test on the removal of the chat button as well as links to chat in articles. For what seems like a large amount of the community, the chat is very hard to get to unless you know the exact phrase to search to get to an article with a chat link in it. Others still have the chat button, and others seem to have links in more articles.

It’s all a bit messy at the moment.



Thanks both! :slight_smile:


So I voted for something to see the result and now I can’t unvote. Bravo, Discourse!

More importantly, the things I really want are a bit different. A better search/filter, new payments screen, external account integration (not just credit cards). And a better, more robust, more complete Monzo, whatever that means.

Edit: I’ve said my piece about the contact support button elsewhere!


It’s not an A/B test but a gradual rollout to all customers by Monzo

Although similar it’s a different thing, that’s about the new transaction dispute stuff that @Rika is in charge of :slight_smile:

It’s all related - the idea is to make more stuff self-service, and reduce the number of contacts required for routine stuff :slight_smile:

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It is funny how history can repeat itself. Remember 15 years ago when self service checkouts were becoming mainstream? But there will be more humans to help you they said! Reality: checkout staff numbers were gradually reduced over many years. Turkeys voting for Christmas. I worked in retail management at the time. The savings across a chain were staggering once the equipment had paid for itself.

Of course Monzo is a totally different business model and industry. I am all for self service (when it works well). I sincerely hope that at Monzo, it does indeed result in less touches, and the ability to get human help if you really need it. But without needing to increase headcount (to help achieve profitability).


There’s nothing really missing that I need on a day-to-day basis


I’m refusing to that. There’s nothing there I’m interested in but it means I can’t see the results.

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As of now

Personally, still this…


Pot to Pot transfer would be my no1 request.


Most of time we need I ban facilities