Poll: Who has a TV licence?

Just curious how many people here have a TV licence?

I suspect there are many who don’t watch live content and don’t use BBC iPlayer so don’t need a TV licence, or take the view that there is no way to enforce it so don’t bother.

  • My residence has a TV licence
  • My residence does not have a TV licence
  • I’d rather not say

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It’s cheaper for my to buy the dvd or watch the bbc show on Netflix than pay the overly expensive license.

Plus have you seen the letters they send? They’re vile people and their threats imo are clearly targeting people vulnerable to manipulation.


I do not have a TV licence.

I does have something to do with not having a TV and my lounge looking like a storage warehouse due to my current renovation. I get the threatening letters every month or so and I’m excitedly awaiting a visit! :partying_face:

…still… :pleading_face:

I cancelled mine 9 months ago because I didn’t watch live TV, I haven’t received any letter this time. Silly question, could they know if I watch TV (I remember the letters said they are able to check)

You’ll start getting letters after 2 years depending on if you told them or not that you don’t watch tv.

They may send someone sound, sometimes they try to ‘catch’ you watching tv. I’ve heard of tactics where they’ll try and get you even if your watching a bbc show ok Netflix then take you to court over that. But generally there just con men trying to make you pay their levy.

Take care if you see one of these driving by :sweat_smile:.

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They really should just get rid of the TV license. The government should just let the BBC run adverts so it can support itself.

It’s an expensive business to run and they need more money to continue to produce.


I have a TV license.

It’s an important resource.


The problem with adverts is that TV starts catering for the lowest common denominator.


I agree it would cater to an even lower common denominator. However, I’d disagree with you over the word “starts”. I think there’s quite a bit of rubbish already!


Not watched TV in 5 years.
I did not even think that the BBC was still relevent until people talk about stuff thats on it at work.

Generally rely on Netflix/Other Streaming services/Blu Ray.

Also I don’t really enjoy the amount of grumpy letters TV Licensing send out.

TV licence is worth it just for David Attenborough


Hasn’t he started to defect to Netflix recently? Our Planet recently, Life in Colour a joint BBC (for the UK) and Netflix (rest of world) for 2021. Oceans, a successor to Blue Planet II, is being led by ex-BBC Natural History Unit producers and may possibly get David for that.

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That’s cheaper elsewhere though surely?

My other half watches TV pretty much all day; in fact Mrs Doubtfire is in now. Personally, I could live quite happily without broadcast TV.

I do, however, listen to quite a few BBC podcasts, which are funded from r he licence fee. I also think the fact that there is a BBC news service serves to keep other news services ‘honest.’

But 90% of my drama consumption is via Netflix and Amazon. If I lived alone I’d struggle to justify the licence fee.

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I think he’s defecting to all sorts of places. The Chinese giant Tencent Pictures produced one of his recent series too - may have been Dynasties. It was BBC in the UK though.

I remember a few years ago a big campaign and an apology from Capita about the letters. Having just moved house this year, and not having a tv signal, I cancelled my license (through the proper website, listing my reasons, and they provided a refund) but within a few weeks the letters started. They geninely look scary, like court demands. I know I can ignore them safely, but I had to double check because they wound me up so much. I even had someone buzz at my door last month saying they had a letter to deliver - I asked them to just put it in the mailbox like all my other mail, then put the intercom down - they left without leaving any letter.

I’d struggle to do without TV licence. Even though I could probably get my fix of movies and tv shows through non-live viewing on sources other than BBC, I don’t think I can give up watching live sport or live news.

I only watch netflix or on catchup. The only BBC programme I really watch is Apprentice and I watch that when at my girlfriends house anyway.

I personally would like to see the licence fee scrapped.

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