Labour Pledge Free Broadband For All

What do you think?

Personally: there is a difference between ensuring that everyone has ACCESS to broadband and just giving it away.

It makes no sense - we don’t have free water despite arguably this being much more essential to society…


I like the idea in principle but its never going to happen

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I mean, sure I’d love free stuff.

But it’s not free - taxes pay for it.

I’d happily pay for infrastructure. It’s important and vital that everyone has access to the Internet in some form. But I stop at funding broadband packages, I suppose.

Back in the day you had to call BT to get a landline fixed. Like, permission from the state! Insane to think that we might be going back to those days.


Someone has to pay for it. And under these plans it would be the tech companies that fund it through taxation. Good old enterprise eh. Do Labour just not get it that companies won’t setup and invest in business in the UK if they are going to get whacked for every tax under the sun.


Not to mention ongoing costs for delivery, maintenance and upgrading of the networks forever more.

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Potty politics. R-


Theyd need a good 3 terms to sort it out
Nationalise open reach and sort infastructure so all have the opportunity for good, fast internet. No need to fund the other bit. But Open reach are god awful

Yes this too (sorry I deleted my message before I saw yours as I wanted to get some more figures first)

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100% on board with that. Much like Network Rail maintaining the lines, I think government should be creating the infrastructure and connecting every home.

But after that, let the government step down.

At the very least if it had to be publicly owned, I think we should pay for it.

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I see it more of a gateway to internet censorship than free internet. (just a way to sell it to people)
The tories are also just as bad with this. (Pornography block, snoopers charter)

Sites critical of labour or any other goverment of the day could be blocked or users arrested for simply visiting the wrong website.

Would also make it easier to crack down on TOR/VPN use.

It’s too scary to think about and I hope it does not happen.

What? Where on earth do you get that idea from?


The government could do that right if they wanted. It doesn’t matter who runs the infrastructure.


Devils avocado… If we can’t trust companies to give us the neccessary modern infrastructure and distribute evenly to all and the government have to intervene - why would they not keep hold of the asset afterwards?

(I’m not on board with lots of labours plan, but definitely agree with more intervention to radically improve our infrastructure and distribtuion in this area. It’s only going to get more critical as time goes on.)

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Comments labour party MP’s have made about internet freedom.
They are the anti internet party along with the tories.

The UK is in it’s last years of internet freedom anyway in my mind before everything decentralises and moves underground out of mainstream attention.

I reccomend you watch Serial Experiments Lain for a insight into underground online stuff. (One of the best anime of all time)

Blimey- Ive got enough to do keeping up with the real world let alone pretend ones. R-


that sounds like a legit source

Gotta love conspiracy theories

I’m not in favour of the State being able to see my alarming internet search history so I’m out…


When you have no life apart from going to work and the internet you care about this stuff alot more.
Online communities basically are my only social life and have been since I was 13.

I’m pretty into them but thats not on topic.

I think it’s a brilliant idea.

For as long as I remember, South Korea has always represented the ideal in terms of superfast broadband for everyone. It was shocking to learn that we could have had that, but Thatcher blocked it in 1990 on the grounds that it was anti-competitive of BT to provide it and that ‘the market’ could do it.

It’s 2019 now and the market has been shit at it, so I’m all for nationalisation doing it instead.


BT should have been broken up into local customer owned companies years ago. (but not state owned)
Nationalization will just cause under investment, poor service and a lack of choice. (then corruption and it being milked for cash)
(hopefully mobile remains private so if the service is poor you have another option)
If you want a example of why i’m against this look at CANTV in Venezuela.