What do I do if my account was closed due to being tricked into fraud?

So a while ago my friend who isnt my friend anymore, tricked me into fraud and I lost my monzo account and now I cant even open any other bank and I really regret trusting him because I thought it was legal but instead he lied to me and used me for the money and now I really need a bank cuz I wanna start my business.
What do I do???

I’m sorry your ex-friend put you in that position but you have a Cifas marker for possible fraud. Therefore, you either need to try and get this removed (highly unlikely) or you will not have access to a high street or online bank for 6 years. Some people have posted here on success in getting a Credit Union current account or one that costs them money to run. I can’t remember the thread name though.


The above is the best advice, you can read about this guys journey below and how everyone came to the same conclusion.