What did I just swipe off my summary page?

I just swiped whatever lived immediately below the left to spend circle off the right of the summary page. Didn’t even realise that was a thing! 2 questions,

  1. What was it?
  2. How do I put it back?


I think it could be this. It does come back after a while. Ive swiped mine away but keeps coming back. This is on android.


Useful screenshot cheers!
It was the redacted item right below your 14 days to go note.
(8 days for me! :tada::dancing_women:‍♀)

It is just a line that says I might run out of money :see_no_evil:

Ah, I reckon that’ll return a couple of days after I get paid then. :sob: :+1:

I found that after swiping that overdraft ad away it came back when you closed the app and reopened. I reported it as a bug in chat it wouldn’t stay dismissed and told them I didn’t want to see it again and they made it permanently disappear.


Excellent I might get them to do that for me too. Thanks