Overdraft disappeared without warning

I already had an agreed overdraft on my personal account, but now the overdraft detail on the account tab has been unexpectedly replaced with the button to find out or apply for the first time.

This feature is critical to my move to Monzo and I have already started to cancel move all my auto income and expenditure from Barclays to Monzo at some considerable effort.

Does anyone know why this is?

EDIT: I killed the app and reopened and the OD just reappeared. This is making me feel uncomfortable about continuing with moving everything over. How can I get some clear confidence in this matter.

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It sounds like there was a simple glitch in the matrix :yum:

I don’t think monzo can remove your overdraft without some prior warning (somebody else will be able to confirm). I’m glad it came back, must have a little bug somewhere that caused the new overdraft prompt to reappear, I doubt you’ll see that happen again :sunglasses: loads of people have been using overdrafts on monzo for a while, I think they’re generally rock solid :grin:

Hopefully the rest of your monzo experience is seamless :tada: I’ve no doubt that it will be :sunglasses:


Do you have a joint account at all? There are various UI glitches that happen when you switch between accounts that killing the app solves

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Yes I do. Are these bugs on a plan for fixing? Is there any other overdraft indicator that I can use to balance against the possible reappearance of this bug.

Not that I’m aware of. They just get fixed as the guys get round to them but they aren’t considered important

I wonder whether something like EMMA is actually more reliable in these situations, if it’s just a UI bug. EMMA shows your available overdraft

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Yeah but I think you have to specify it yourself, but I might be wrong.

I don’t remember having to enter any extra details for Monzo or Starling.

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Reply from Emma/Edoardo

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