Do you pay for Cloud Storage?

(Simon B) #1

I currently pay about £1.60 a month for 100GB of Google Drive space.

Pretty sure I pay £0.79 to Apple for 50GB of iCloud space as well.

I use Dropbox as well, where I have about 20GB of space that I’ve earned through various promotions and referrals, but I don’t pay for it.

(Jedihomer Townend) #2

I do… I have a G Suite account with it’s ‘unlimited’ storage addition…

Along with the standard free Dropbox option…

(Herp Derp) #3

I pay £2.50pm to Apple coz MacBook etc and I also use O365 Biz Prem and that has/had unlimited OneDrive

I did use dropbox but that’s crap now so just use that to store old stuff I never use and Google Drive for some old vids I never watch.

OneDrive is my go to though.

Oh I do have a NAS that I was gonna connect to Azure but lazy so not yet.


I don’t yet but I’d probably go with Google Drive when I need to. I’ll eventually switch to Android too. I think I prefer the whole Google ‘ecosystem’.

If Google started a bank I’d strongly consider that too :no_mouth:


Business or personal? Was think of getting. Price/month? Ta

(Herp Derp) #6

This one

(Simon B) #7

They definitely have the most complete ecosystem. It is fairly easy to not use Apple or Microsoft products, but almost impossible to not use at least one Google product IMO.


Just the extra 1TB on OneDrive that comes with Office 365

(Herp Derp) #9

I dunno I mean Apple maybe but most companies run Microsoft and yeah Google as everyone uses Google Search and maybe Chrome.


I love that Google Play Music allows you to upload 50,000 songs for free too. It’s great for uploading Audiobooks then I can stream them from my phone. :grimacing:

Unlimited photos to Google Photos in standard quality is great too. I got fed up of my iPhone moaning about space on iCloud.

Google Docs is great too. I’d hate to pay for Office365.

I’m strongly considering a Chromebook too.

(Jack) #11

Yes, currently pay 79p for apple 50GB iCloud. Only reason I use their service is because all my devices are Apple so the integration outweighs other aspects for me.
I was looking it upgrade it so I can relocate some old vhs family videos into iCloud. I’d rather pay a bit more monthly and have the reassurance all my sentimental data is backed up rather than spread around external hard drives around the place which could fail!

The cost of cloud storage is coming down over time. It’s rather cost effective now. Especially when you can share it with family members.

In work each staff member gets access to 1TB of onedrive each though our office 365 subscription.


What service offers this? I’m sure I’ve read articles about not using one/ google drive as a back solution.


Agree with it being the most complete - Apple’s offering lacks in terms of features especially business wise (still no custom domains on iCloud Mail - really?) where as Microsoft is good on the business side with Office 365 but is a complete mess on the consumer side. Google has both covered.

On the other hand I’m not sure I agree with it being impossible to not use Google products - I never signed up for anything Google (besides a throwaway account to try out Android devices) and I get by quite well. I only use Search as a “guest” (without an account).

(Jack) #14

Onedrive and google drive are more rapid access data storage solutions rather than long term storage. There are services such as backblaze that suit long term data storage for consumers better.


I guess it should be part of a backup solution. It’s the most convenient for sure but you should always do a different but fairly regular form of other back up.

(Jack) #16

Forgot to include the 15gb I get free with my outlook email. But I don’t really use that.

Has anyone used services such as this?

I’ve never fully used google services such as google drive and google docs. I’ll have to give If a go. The posts above seem to sell it well!

(Simon B) #18

That was the feature that sold Google Play Music to me straight away, back when it was Google Music and didn’t even have a paid option! I have a huge amount of obscure funk albums, live bootlegs, and stuff like that that simply isn’t available on streaming databases, generally because it’s either never been digitally released (I have lots of rips of 7" and 12" vinyl) or because it hasn’t been released at all!

When they offered their paid tier it simply made sense to combine it all to one service.

I used to have a Chromebook - used the Acer C720 for about 2 years and I really miss it. I sold it about 2 years back. Definitely looking to get another Chromebook soon, especially since they support Android apps now. That makes them very productive devices for social media, blogging, etc - since you can easily use web-based tools but you can also post natively to Instagram, etc. That’s something you can’t do on any other devices. Not an option on macOS or Windows, and using an iPad with a keyboard for web-based stuff is torture without proper windowing.

(Jack) #19

Come the end of the year I may have to see about swapping over to android. I love the pixel 2 in work!
Saying that I don’t have any quibbles with Apple… it suits my needs.

What use to put me off a long time ago was bloatwear on android along with software support being dropped too soon, I don’t agree with manufacturers selling handsets with android versions that aren’t even supported by google anymore.


Nice. Yeah I’ve been looking at the Asus Chromebooks. They have pretty great keyboards apparently and I pretty much only want something to type with and access the Internet. If/when I switch to Android I’ll definitely get paid Drive storage and paid Google Play.

(Michael) #21

I pay only for storage with Apple. I don’t find I have a lot of stuff that needs storing in the cloud outside of work really.