What are you looking forward to in 2019?

Maybe it’s just me, but with the whole Brexit thing and endless Trump nonsense, I’m finding that 2019 feels quite bleak.

So I’m making a concerted effort to try and focus on the positives.

This month I have a gig I’m attending that I’m really excited for (seeing The Revolution in London on Valentines Day), and then I’m co-producing a gallery exhibit in London at the end of the month with an incredible photographer, so that’s going to be fun. That aside, I’m not sure what else is going on this year. Hoping to be back in the US at some point for sure!

I think I’m really just waiting for the good weather to come back :sun_with_face:

How about all of you lovely folks? What’s coming up this year that you’re excited about?


I ended 2018 long term unemployed. I now have 2 jobs so i’m looking forward to paying off my debts and not having constant money worries.

And Avengers End Game. That’s going to be epic




Completing the Cineworld 100 movie challenge and going to Mexico


The only thing I’m looking forward to is Social Security Scotland continually evolving into something to be proud of…and showing the UK government how to look after it’s people


Going on holiday to Tenerife twice, my surprise birthday weekend that my wife has planned next week and I’m looking forward to seeing my eldest leave high school. Not because I want her to grow up but because I believe a massive weight will have been lifted from her shoulders and she will love the summer holidays even more!!


Was the Snap comment intentional or… :wink:


Going to France to watch Scotland take on France in the six nations… and finally moving house (the week after apparently).

Sold my flat way back in August (which seems like an age ago) and finally just want to move. Massively appreciative of our buyers who have been patiently waiting to move into ours as well…


Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 :scream:


Just remembered… that new bank Bo… curious to see if this kickstarts a load of new “digital banks” from the big boys…

Hotter weather here in the UK, exploring Latin America and potentially getting my own place :house:

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The last series of Game of Thrones.


Getting a cat from the rescue centre
Seeing the Levellers
Game of Thrones
Hozier’s new record release
Seeing James Blake
Sunshine :sunny:

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Great positive thread OP!

  • I’m finishing university after studying part time and working full time for the last six years, I’ll be pleased to have more free time on my hands,

  • I’m getting married

  • Changing jobs is a big go-go, aggressive application campaign ongoing right now!

  • Moving house to a quieter location

2019 will be a big year :smiley:


We’re thinking of doing this this year.

Neither of us are particularly interested though so I think we’re just going to go and sign on the dotted line.

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Oh you old romantic


HAHA! I don’t see the difference between a £30,000 day and a £30 day.

Would sooner have a KFC then a mass produced crap carvery that costs £35 a head, feeding a hundred people I don’t generally speak to.

I used to work filming weddings, I’m aware of its’ (pointlessly costly) foibles.


Chuck in the next seasons of Peaky Blinders and Stranger Things into the mix as well!


We looked at “Just the Two of Us” packages and we were strongly considering it, but we only get married the once (hopefully) so we want to make it a special occasion and allow others to celebrate with us.

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I think that’s my issue.

I generally don’t like other people!