What are we working on? The Monzo Weekly Diary

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #149

Please please please can you push Apple Pay to somewhere close to the top of the list?

If Wirecard now have it why can Mondo not have it if you guys use Wirecard?

(Alex Sherwood) #150

To answer your second question

That thread’s the best place to find progress updates.

It’s here in the roadmap.

(James Nicholson) #151

Not in the immediate future – anecdotal experience leads me to believe that 3 is the magic number for an app team (and we’ll likely aim for same on Android).

Longer term, who knows? Having more super smart people to learn from is always great :slight_smile:

(natasha) #152

Thanking you, @emma_mondo!

And hello again! Things are moving so fast here that it felt like I did my last update only a week or two ago… not back at the start of July! :dash:

Over the last 6 weeks or so a lot of the Operations Team’s time has been spent trying to make sure things work really well. For me, that has meant working closely with @Yehudi to hand over the day to day card operations (it was like he was born to do it! :hatching_chick:), working with @Ede on our internal tools to make sure we can deal with everything quickly and efficiently :computer:, and working with @dimitri to understand and track the right numbers at the right time :bar_chart:.

In addition to that I have been working with one of our wonderful designers @Sam on card designs for our imminent name change :laughing:. So exciting! When we want a new card design, the process involves getting a design over to our sponsor bank for approval, getting proofs from our card manufacturers who then send the proofs over to MasterCard for approval, and finally placing an order with the manufacturers. The process, from agreeing a design to having new cards in our hands, can take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks so it has certainly been a little tricky juggling stock levels with lots of new name ideas and all of the third parties involved! Needless to say… we are almost there! Watch this space… :eyes::mondo:

That’s it from me. Next up, @leah!

(leah) #153

Thank you @natasha and apologies for the brief hiatus - luckily @tristan is always there to keep my on the straight and narrow (and remind me when I’ve forgotten to do something).

I kicked off the day with our weekly catch up with Wirecard Card Solution, our fantastic and ever-patient card issuers. With an exciting announcement next week (NEW NAME :tada:) we need to make sure we’re fully aligned with the changes which are happening and when they’ll come into affect.

We’re also busy recruiting in the Ops team at the moment and Maria, our incredible Head of People, is currently on a well-deserved holiday so a lot of my time currently is taken up reviewing applications and scheduling interviews :memo: I’ve been looking at our out of hours support role in particular today and am really excited by some of the people who’ve been in contact so I’m a pretty happy bunny today :grinning::rabbit:

Every day the Ops team have a 10 minute catch up to discuss any major issues and changes we’ve seen in queries coming in. This is particularly important because Dillon and James, who I’m sure many of you have spoken to in our in-app chat, work remotely most of the time so we need to make sure they have as much context as those of us in the office. It’s due to start at 17:00 so I better dash :running_man:

Before I go though, I’ll nominate someone outside Ops for the next one so you don’t get four in a row (although our new recruit Ella definitely ought to say :wave: soon!). How about the one and only @tom a.k.a. the youngest bank CEO in the UK :wink:

(tom) #154

Thanks @leah! :smiley:

This morning started out recording a podcast with a new website called http://cyberintersection.com . We had a great chat about the Mondo product design process and our vision for the future of the company. I’ve got a blog post ready to publish with more detail.

Next up was a meeting about the upcoming name change. We need to make sure everything’s lined up, including trademarks, domain names, web and app. With a large number of things in motion, we’re hoping they all come together next Thursday at the grand unveiling!

I’m about to step into a product meeting with @ole and others from the marketing and engineering teams, working on our product roadmap for the next few months. We’re nailing down exactly what’s needed to launch as a bank early next year.

This afternoon, I’ll be working on fundraising the £15-£20m we’ll need to open our doors next year as a bank. I’m polishing our investment deck and following-up on emails with investors around the world. I’m hoping we’ll be able to include a crowdfunding element in that fundraise, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements in a couple of months’ time.

Next up is Ella, our newest customer support hire! We’ll get her an account created on the forum first.

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(Adam Hockley) #155

When next crowdfunding


Thanks @tom!

Hi everyone! I just joined the Mondo team three days ago and have been loving it :grinning:

Wednesday @simon and @daniel set up my new laptop :computer: and explained me all about our doughnut system (which clearly has not registered yet) and other security measures in place. Then @emma_mondo got me started on customer support, along with @tapas who both have been bearing my thousands of questions per second ever since.
Thursday and today have been focussed around learning more on how to successfully answer to our Mondonauts and slowly become a customer service hero :muscle: :rocket: (still a very long way to go!).

Before going, I will add that the team has done a great job at making me feel cosy here at Mondo, so thank you all for your welcome :heart:

I’ll pass the torch to @tapas who doughnuted me while getting my lunch :roll_eyes:

(Tapas) #157

Thanks @Ella! Thank you also for the doughnuts :grimacing::doughnut: They were delicious :yum:

For those not aware doughnutting someone is a great, fun way to ensure that we practise securing our work stations when we are grabbing a coffee or popping off to a meeting etc

Have to say @ella you have had a great start with us and are smashing through things so quickly :muscle::rocket:

Last week for me was focused mainly on drilling through customer queries and better understanding how our internal tools built and enhanced by our uber clever and responsive engineers work, contributing to ways in which we can continue enhancing our tools to serve our users better and faster. :nerd_face: That and dipping in and out training @ella and in turn training myself :innocent:

Sometimes it’s hard to tell in banks where the motive really lies but in my 7th week now at Mondo (yeh I know time has just whizzed by :alarm_clock:) it’s become more and more obvious that every individual here is driven to simply create a bank for people that just works. It really is an incredible team here. :grin:

Also I know every one knows now but just my own little celebration! WE ARE A BANK NOW :bank::pound::tada::tada::wink: Woop woop! Here we go…:rocket:

That’s it from me today…I’m going to nominate @jgarnham next…take it away.

(James Billingham) #158

Quick explanation of doughnutting: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=doughnutting&defid=7959599

I think I will be introducing this at my office. People very commonly forget to lock their computers :frowning:

(George) #159

I’m really interested in the Overnight Support role, I submitted my application online and have my fingers crossed! fingers crossed emoji (There should be one!?)

Also, congratulations on the new name, Monzo is a great choice. :grinning::+1:t2:

(Josh) #160

Thanks @tapas and apologies for the delay all!

Today I’m working with @james to track down that pesky bug which is causing lots of logouts when opening the app and after updates :bug: Later this week I’ll also be working on refinements for budgeting as well as a secret iOS 10 related feature, you’ll have to wait and see what it is :crystal_ball:

Next up, I’m going to nominate Tom Dolan…

Frequency of authentication by email
(Jason Yau) #161

should we change our name to Monzonauts now?


I think I may know what this is :heart_eyes:

(Dan) #163

I think I may know what this is too.

MacRumors has written an article about 3rd Party Siri support, and they even use Monzo by name as an example app :sunglasses:

(Tom Dolan) #164

thanks @jgarnham! :smiley:

Hi all!!! This is my first post here!

Today I’ve been working on documentation for our Faster Payments project :money_with_wings: (Faster Payments allows you to transfer money from one bank account to another almost instantly), filling out BACS forms :computer: (this is how direct debits are paid) and running our financial projections for the next 5 years. Busy day! :mondo:

I’ll pass you over to Gemma Rogers….

(dom) #165

No Gemma today, you’re all stuck with me…

The past few days I’ve been working on a bunch of different things but all loosely under the umbrella :umbrella:️ of optimising processes for our operations team. We’ve dubbed it, the “ops-team-isations” sprint :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. This includes improving our internal tools so that our customer support team can serve you Monzonites better and faster :muscle: and also automating a bunch of other things so that you won’t even have to get in touch about them.

Next up I’m nominating @matt

(Matt Heath) #167

Sorry @dom, looks like I’m a bit late! :grimacing:

Hi everyone! :raising_hand: I’m Matt, and I work on our backend systems and infrastructure :tools: Last time I did one of these :stopwatch: I was working on some updates to our platform, helping us to move our Go microservices to run on Kubernetes in Docker containers :whale: so that our systems are more stable and scalable in preparation for us getting our banking licence! :bank: :moneybag:

However, now that we’ve gained our banking license :tada: and entered “mobilisation” it’s full steam ahead :steam_locomotive::dash: so we’ve kicked off work on our core banking systems, and this week I’ve been looking at our integration to the Faster Payment network :money_with_wings: That involves sending and receiving lots of ISO8583 messages :envelope_with_arrow: which look a bit strange if you’re used to JSON or XML, but are widely used within the global financial networks!

Next up I’ll nominate @joluet :robot:

(Jonas Luthke) #168

Thanks @matt. :slight_smile:

Last week @ivan joined me on the Monzo Android team. :tada:
We are currently working on the first version of the Android app that will allow users who are on top of the waiting list to actually sign up to get a Monzo card. :credit_card:
I am implementing the sign up flow while Ivan is working on the ability to top up via debit card. We will ship this version of the app within the next few weeks. :ship:

Next up I’m nominating @daniel

(Josh Bray) #169

I have to say, the app as it stands is brill. Keep it up