Android - future plans

(Richard Owen) #1

Of course your focus is on iOS to start with. I get that, and I get why.
But no one (apart from @Dom privately :sunglasses:) has mentioned Android.

So I’m interested in Mondo’s plans for an official app. I saw your job posting for an Android developer, so it must be on your radar too.

(Tristan Thomas) #2

Hey @RichardOwen! Yep it’s definitely on the radar - the job posting is to start around June :slight_smile: That’s probably the most accurate indication of our plans - we definitely want to do it, but we want to get the product to a stage that it becomes worth developing for two platforms alongside each other - hence the Alpha! :iphone:


Is there any way to sign up to be a Alpha/Beta tester of the Android app? My main phone is an Android so I would ideally like to use Mondo on that. I’m aware it’s not being developed yet but just expressing my interest :slight_smile:


You’re not the only android user after an app, I know of several people waiting :slight_smile:

Depending on how experienced you are with android app dev, there’s some half done apps on GitHub, you can read the code to make sure it’s not sending your details elsewhere.

With not much extra work you can match them up to the current state of the Apple Apps. I changed the styling on what i was working on to use the material Android style as much as possible.

I’d put the code on Github and upload an APK for others to use, but I cant commit to frequent updates and I’m not very good at keeping my public code updated. If I can put some more time in this month, I’ll try and get it to a reasonable state and upload it somewhere.


Unfortunately I’m not well versed at all in android app development though I have been meaning to give it a go. I’d appreciate it if you could upload an APK, but if you don’t want to I understand that. Otherwise I’ll just have to wait til Mondo release their own version!

(Tristan Thomas) #6

There’s no official way yet but when we’re a bit closer to launch, we’ll definitely be looking for testers :slight_smile: We’re now full steam ahead to find an Android engineer (or two) ASAP so if you know of any, please send them to :wink: As an Android user I can promise you guys aren’t the only ones! Also, our hackathon is next weekend and there are normally at least a couple of people keen to work on Android related Mondo goodness

(Rika Raybould) #7

Not primarily an Android user (second phone) but many of my friends are and the jealousy from some has been visible every notification I get :wink:. Will be very happy to be able to invite them to join when the time comes.

(Jack cheetham) #9

do you have any idea when an android app will be built? a few of my friends ask when i try and invite them!