Monzo for iPhone - Release Notes (v1.9.24)

Hello everyone :wave:

We’re going to start sharing the release notes for new app releases in threads on the Community :tada:

What’s New in Version 1.9.24
New year, new us. Well, not really. We’re still the same Monzo but, in the spirit of self-improvement, we have a few fixes for you (plus something a little more fun to say thanks!)

• Sorted a couple of layout issues we were seeing on iPhone X (because that’s no good)
• Fixed an important button (the kind you click, not the kind you sew on)
• Improved the performance of the feed (at least 3x snappier!)
• And best of all we added badges for our crowdfunding investors, and Alpha and Beta users (because you’re amazing!)

Please share your feedback here. We’d love to hear your thoughts :heart:


Love the badges, and the feed definitely feels a lot snappier to scroll through, nice work! :ok_hand:

Thanks for my new badge :slight_smile:


I can’t see my beta badge :disappointed:

edit. Force closed app and it’s there :sunglasses:

Yep, went back to iOS just the other day with an iPhone X and noticed my beta user badge had disappeared (it was there with Android) good to see it back :slight_smile: it’s the little things eh.


Here it is, woohoo!

Thank you for mine :slight_smile: just me being nit picky but I think it would be nicer if the alpha and beta badges could be next to each other, everything looks a bit stacked haha :wink:



Oooh look at you and all your bagdes!

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Sorry to be a moaner but I’m still user #0… Is that bug being looked at? :cry:

I’m still on 0 too :confused:

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Still got my Monzo User #0, would’ve thought that we’d get alpha badges :thinking::joy:

Haha I suggested doing this only a few weeks ago and it was knocked back :rofl::rofl::man_facepalming:t2:

Keyboard still does not dismiss when amending custom pot amounts.

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Pfff I’ve been doing this for years! :smirk::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Such a thief! :joy:

Are you going to do this for Android updates too? :slight_smile: And would it make more sense to do a single running thread for releases per-platform (iOS & Android) or are you planning on doing a new thread per-version, per-platform of app? :slight_smile:

Just hoping that there’s long-term traceability of app updates so the whole community can see the progress of Monzo over the years :monzo::grin:

For sure! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Payments from other monzo users initially show in the feed with their full name then within seconds updates to what I guess is their preferred name.

So my example the middle name shows and then disappears.

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I’d rather see time spent on fixing issues like the keyboard usage when manually entering amounts into pots; rather than badges which are pretty insignificant.


I hadn’t seen your threads! Nice work :blush:

I’m still figuring the plan out, but I’m planning on having a new thread for each release, so we can collect feedback in one place. (It’s super great if I can just give the product team one link to look at!) But I’ll link to the previous release for that platform in the post somewhere.

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I hope not! That would be much harder for me to process

Just wondering is all, didn’t know how they’d planned on posting :slight_smile:

I feel like it might need it’s own Category on discourse then, just my opinion! If it’s going to be every changelog ever, having it in News & Blog Updates might not be the best home, maybe an “App Updates”, just spitballing :smiley:

I love that they’re going to post changelogs, means I might not have to… But I will if they only post stable update as opposed to beta/testflight :wink: