Monzo x Telegram (unofficial)

Hello all,

As we all know, Monzo Developer Slack has been shut down. I would like to take this opportunity to promote Monzo (unofficial) Telegram Group as an alternative to Slack. Telegram is free and will stay free forever - no ads, no subscriptions.

To name a few unique features:

  • Access your Telegram messages from several devices at once, including tablets and computers.
  • Share an unlimited amount of photos, large videos and files of any type.
  • Chat in giant groups of up to 200,000 members. Powerful admin tools available! Who wants a taste of permaban? :wink:
  • Bots (They can do anything for you!)

How do I hide my phone number? I am not comfortable with sharing my mobile number with other users.

By default, your phone number is hidden from other users. They can only see it in the following cases:

  • If they already have your phone number saved in their address book.
  • If you’ve shared your number yourself (with ‘Share My Contact Info’)

They won’t see your number otherwise — for instance, if they find you via global search or in a group chat.

Telegram Desktop (PC/Mac/Linux) is also available as a portable app, no admin rights required!

If you need help with using Telegram, please do not hesitate to send me a PM or contact Volunteer Support via in-app.

Keep up to date with Monzo news on the Telegram Monzo Channel (unofficial of course!).

UPD: Included information regarding the upcoming IV 2.0 contest.

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Slack replacement all the things :grin:


If only there was a forum we could use :thinking:


We need you there Emma! :slight_smile:

I did not foresee the multiple slack groups and other unofficial spaces that would pop up as a result of dev slack closing :weary:


I almost feel that the Telegram sign up pages looks a bit too official, anybody else? :see_no_evil:

Just in case somebody stumbles upon that link without visiting this thread, it’d be good to slap “Unofficial” somewhere (URL, title or body) :smiley:

Is this a relatively new creation? :slight_smile: I feel like I heard talks of a Telegram group this time last yet :yum: This might be the same one, I’m not sure haha!


Sorry, there’s only so many hours in the day :joy:

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I was on the official Dev slack group, but didn’t really check it much as the forum had all of the main info.

Now there are 2 unofficial slack groups and a telegram group… :exploding_head:

Surely you guys should merge the 2 slack groups together at least?

What’s the advantage of a telegram group as well?


There’s been a telegram group for ages.


Yeah that telegram group has been around since July 2017



As far as the channel is concerned, it was created back in June 2016. Sure, if someone from Monzo reach out, I’m more than happy to update it. :weary:


It would be even better if Monzo reach out to Telegram, and ask for a verified badge and start posting “officially” on Telegram. I guess there is no need for now as the number of subscribers is relatively low comparing to other social media platforms? :eyes:

Ultimately, my intention is to promote Telegram (I’m a big fan of it!), it is so much better than “green” Telegram (Uhm, I mean WhatsApp). :cold_face:


Have flagged your post up to Monzo via slack to see if they are able to respond to you.

It’s up to everyone’s choice, really, there’s no clear advantage over choosing one and only platform to discuss about Monzo.

For example, I’m more familiar with Telegram (and not Slack) so I prefer it, maybe other like-minded people would want to join me there. :slight_smile:


That’s cool - I just wondered if you got more out of those groups than the forum?

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I can’t personally see this happening for the same reasons as why the original dev slack were closed.


I was told that dev slack was closed because;

  1. It’s very hard to moderate. Telegram has powerful moderation tools.
  2. It’s not free. Telegram is free.

Nothing much to be honest, it’s low on members at the moment.

I didn’t create the group but the channel, originally plan was for personal use only as I try to avoid Facebook and Twitter these days so a Telegram channel will keep me up to date with Monzo-related news.

Actually, I started using Twitter again because I found an awesome bot called TweetItBot, it serves as a Twitter client for me, within the Telegram app.

Heya, I know this has been around for a while, but I’ll drop you a quick message about it. We just need it to be clear that it’s not an official Monzo channel. Thanks!


ICYMI, @cookywook has been promoted as an admin for both the channel and the group. He will be able to modify the descriptions as appropriate.

ION, Telegram is hiring, if anyone is interested, do check out the following page;


If you know a bit of HTML, Telegram just annouced the Instant View (IV) 2.0 Template Competition: starting from February, 4, two months, $300,000+ in prizes, $100 per template:

The first IV contest crowdsourced templates for a total of 2274 websites, hopefully, this round we will see Monzo’s blog added to the list of target domains (one can only hope, eh?)!

To learn more about the IV Platform, click here. If you want to participate, don’t forget to check out the contest rules.