Keeping up to date with multiple Discourse Forums

I’ve noticed that a lot of Fintech products have been using the same forum software (Discourse) that Monzo is using to run this community.

Is there any kind of app or anything that will let me view/browse/stay updated across all of the forums in one place? There is a Discourse app, but it’s pretty limited and pointless to be honest, so I was wondering if there was anything else I could use.


No there’s not really. You can enable notifications if you like though.

Could be good to post a list of FinTech discourse forums?

Off the top…?

Starling…bit too late for that one…:roll_eyes:
Tandem don’t have a community as such. Facebook mainly.
Atom don’t (last time I checked)

Better folk than me will doubtless improve upon this list.


This last one they’re putting no effort into promoting or content but keeping an eye on it for when they launch

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Mostly feedback for their auto-savings, but there is some generic chat there also.