Westworld Season 2

(Herp Derp) #1

Can’t Wait!

(Mega Charizard) #2

Looks really good. Loved the first season.


Can’t wait for this and Humans!

(Ian Lyon) #4

Couldn’t be more excited for this. I genuinely think the first season of Westworld is the best first season of any TV show ever made.

(Peter Roberts) #5

It was really great!

(Benjamin Doherty) #6

It was amazing but I’m afraid this titled is reserved for the wire. But that’s just me

(Brian Hunter) #7

Looking forward to it, just hope it’s good.

My gripe is modern telly that any successful show just goes on and on and on. If this was the final series, and they made it a good story arc, then I would be delighted.


Yes the US series do tend to go on until they die of boredom.

One exception was Deadwood which was maybe stopped a little early.

(Brian Hunter) #9

Deadwood was cancelled so yeah!

I loooooove Deadwood and watch it all at least once a year. Love spotting a Deadwood actor pop up in things.