The Good Place (Netflix)

(Simon B) #1

Is anyone else watching this? My cousin recommended it, so we binge watched all of Season 1 in the last week and are now solidly into Season 2. Hilarious show, really enjoying it.


Yes, it’s excellent. One of those shows that you shouldn’t Google too much before you start, and just dive in.


I’ve watched all 3 seasons and it is HILARIOUS!!

My big problem is how to explain it without spoiling it

(Tom) #4

It’s amazing, one of the best shows I’ve seen recently. Just finished season 3!

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #5

I started the other day

(Simon B) #6

Every now and then Michael takes his glasses off and I get massive Cheers flashbacks :joy: I used to watch that show all the time!

(Nick) #7

I love the show so much. It’s the best thing Kristen Bell has been in since Veronica Mars. I’m currently letting season three episodes build up before I start watching it.

(Jack) #8

Weird this thread should pop up!
My partner has been trying to get me to watch it for ages, so a few weeks ago I started watching it and I’ve just caught up to the latest episode last night.

It’s hilarious and has a good story line. Would recommend!

The plot twists are well thought through


I watched season 1 before it came to Netflix.

I found the first couple of episodes (of the first season) on the in-flight entertainment system on a flight back from NYC in 2017, watched them and loved them, no naturally I ‘found’ the rest when I got back.

I was mightily pleased when Netflix acquired the UK distribution rights… makes it much easier to watch (although the first season is still sitting there, unwatched, on my Netflix profile…)

Anyhow, yeah, I love it. It’s really good.

Though I called the ‘twist’ at the end of season 1 about 6 episodes in.


I think season 3 is done… it’s only 8 episodes long. Episode 8 was about 2 weeks ago

(Tom) #11

I think it’s complete now?


No, it isn’t. It’s 13. It starts again on the 6th (in the US).

Well, I say 13… it has a different numbering format in the US. The first (double length) episode was treated as episodes 1 and 2, so the episode numbers in the US are 1 greater than on Netflix.

(Tom) #13

:eyes: Well this is excellent news!


What are we talking here.

Comedy? Drama?



(Simon B) #16

Philosophical comedy, if that’s a genre? lol

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #17

(Tom) #18

The entire cast is excellent. Jason in particular has been hilarious in recent episodes.

(Chris Rimell) #19

For anyone without Netflix, season 1 starts on E4 on Thur 13th Dec!!


Is that where my wife and I heartily laugh at the on screen shenanigans before taking a moment to pause and think about what we’ve just seen? :joy:

I might have to give this a watch!