We're working on a new look for the Monzo app

You definitely can do this though? Once you click on your account number at the top you can long press your sort code or account number and it copies them

On iPhone and I think used to work on :android: too, you can long press the section in the purple box below to copy both Account number and sort code (e.g. For sending to a friend who’s a Legacy banker):

@morganjp totally agree with you I tried to do it several times two days ago when someone asked for my bank details before I gave up.

If you tap ‘Add money’ and then ‘UK Bank Transfer’, the copy button on that page gives a much more elegant text string for sharing bank details. I think this should be the default as the other way with the blue pill either requires lots of separate copies and pastes or the removal of unnecessary information.

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New TestFlight out!

Is the Something Big giving the new layout to everyone?

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I would imagine so yeh

I think switching energy supplier should be out of Settings and at the bottom of View All where it says “Do more with Monzo”


Apologies if this has been mentioned, but has anyone else noticed that it reverts back to the sole account each time you open the app (assuming you have a joint)?


I would have to say that the two following are my biggest notes:

  • Text labels for navigation, I don’t find icons as intuitive as having both. It’s a pet hate for modern apps and websites.

  • The “tray” doesn’t scroll as I’d expect. Pulling down scrolls to the next account instead of the transactions, but scrolling up from the account that has then appeared goes to the summary page, not back to the first account.

Currently works OK on Android 2.65 with multiple accounts (Personal/Joint/ConnectedCC’s) - leaving the app on a specific account results in the Home feed showing the same account when the app is next opened.

I’m hoping maybe this is somewhat helpful, but the quick version is that im finding the new UI frankly somewhat confusing to navigate in certain areas and overly complicated and it has some unnecessary duplication.

To share some examples of this.

1,2, and 3. I dont get why this choice was made. tiny icons, no text indicating what they are or what they do. (Its not entirely obvious)

for 1, what appears should be a profile icon, which makes sense, is actually more like a high level view of your accounts and options you can use on those accounts, e.g. opening new pops, loans, etc.

That profile screen its self makes sense, but how you get there just doesn’t seem intuitive or obvious. Hopefully that makes sense?

To further the problem. this account overview screen (i guess ill call it that) seems to have two settings screens.

in the main part of this account screen theres the gear icon, ubiquitous for ‘settings’. This seems to bring us to the actual ‘profile’ page with the account holders name, address, number, Etc. profile stuff. Not exactly what was expected but OK. The issue with this apart from not being settings, is this settings page which is actually a profile page, also has a ‘settings’ link to another settings page. As seen above.

This page actually has settings.

Its entirely confusing, and basically makes no sense :smile:

It would seem better if the gear icon actually took you to settings, and you had a different link for the account holder information, either via the profile picture with a edit link or similar.
Im not a UI designer, but i know this stuff isn’t easy to get right. But this particular area isn’t an improvement, its a degradation.

with 2, the issue again for me is simply the fact that its a tiny unknown unnamed icon. it leads to budgets, but its placed on the screen like an after thought which is a shame.

within budgets theres also weird (perhaps correct?) UI issues, namely that some pages change where the close button is from left to right. Elsewhere within the UI, for example on the ‘add money’ screen. the Cancel button is on the left. But within budgets, your taken to a summary page, and the Close button is on the right, not the left, yet clicking budgets within that screen (placed on the left) has the Cancel button on the left…

This doesn’t feel right, and has me always checking where the button is actually placed instead of not needing to think about it.

with 3, same issue, tiny unnamed icon. What does it do? It searches the transactions, but only on the main account. so if you are on a pot and click the search button, it changes to the main accounts transactions.

It would seem like this could be better places, and better accessible.

Just as an example. There’s space for it within the transaction window. See my award winning illustration below.

Just for one small final issue, is the icons at the bottom of the screen, the home, transfers, and help icons.

They have no descriptive text… It seems like they should have, theres space, the transfers page certainly could do with something as its not entirely clear that its more than just transfers, its payments, scheduled payments, sharing tabs… that page is honestly a little confusing in its self, but that’s probably another post.

While there are lots of improvements with the new UI, a lot of it seems to have perhaps been missed out, or not entirely thought through yet. I hope this is still being worked on? In which case i hope some of these issues could be looked at to make them more intuitive and east to navigate.


2.65 iOS switching via the home button now feels instant. Big speed improvement.

Completely agree that the search button should be here, but without the word “search” - people generally know what the magnifying glass symbol means.


Hope the new look is going to include bill pots icons on the main feed as this had me worried:

When really I’ve squirreled :chipmunk: it away in the new bill pots:


Just came to give my two cents on the ‘game theory’ of Monzo. The thing that attracts me to, and keeps me with, monzo, is the summary page.

  1. When you first land in-app there’s an adorable animation letting me know if I’m chasing the green line or if I’m waiting for it to chase me. That’s literally all I care about.

  2. If I have to look at my pots every time I log in I will see that money there and I WILL SPEND IT. Out of sight, out of mind. Please keep it that way :sob:


This has already been acknowledged by Bruno as something that will be fixed at a later date.

Regarding tapping the home icon as a shortcut to switch between accounts:

This was changed a couple of versions ago: the home button tap now only moves between personal and joint accounts. It skips connected cards and Things you can do with Monzo.


@bruno, I think I’ve found a bug in the account/pot list in the new nav. I added a pot to our joint account recently, and in the list it appears above the Joint Account itself:

When swiping through the cards, it appears at the end of my Joint Account pots as one would expect.


It doesn’t do this on Android and I want it to stop on connected cards, it’s the pots that are in the way :worried:


So just noticed on new nav the dates are out on the old nav when I reverted back quickly to check this issue it said my DD for The Gym is coming out tomorrow but then in new nav it says in two days is this something that’s going to get rectified as that’s a pretty broken mechanic at the moment and can cause issues down the line.

Try force closing the app and re-open it to see if that resolves it.

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