We're working on a new look for the Monzo app

2.55 does support JA and it was released on Android last Monday. However there was an unrelated bug that forced us to skip that version on iOS.

2.56 will come out on Monday.

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Thanks Bruno can’t wait to see the new nav :slight_smile:

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Been trying the new navigation for a week or so. I like scrolling to check pots, but getting back to the main account/timeline is messy as I have lots of pots - scroll left several times, or tap the icon top right, scroll up and tap the main account. Perhaps tapping on the home button could return to the main account/timeline when viewing a pot as it does from payments or help?

Also, I find I miss the graph, it was really good for scrolling back a month at a time.

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What’s going on with the goal bars?
They’re not showing up. :thinking:

Found a super minor inconsistency (unless it’s by design). However, it seems that when selecting the ‘Current Account’ tile the card itself becomes transparent whereas on the ‘Joint Account’ it does not.

Seems like if you have a pot with one of the standard Monzo colours as well it has the same issue when selecting it.

Device - iPhone 7
iOS - 12.3.1
App Version - 2.55.0 #541

Interestingly they show up on iOS but honestly I don’t really like how they show up. They take up a full row and kind of look detached from the pot (there is a divider between the pot and the goal). I would rather the goal was smaller and listed with the name etc, or the divider wasn’t there.

I was also thinking about other additions to this page, and it could be cool if there was a bit more information visible. For example on each pot it could list the pot type, the name, the balance, the goal information and any interest information (the rate) where applicable. The current account could show the account number and sort code, rather than on the main page, maybe even have the management buttons (although this maybe too much). I think there could be a nice balance between the minimal information we have now and an overload of information. Making this a really concise but detailed overview of all your pots & accounts.

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Schools generally teach it wrong. If you always round up at 0.5 you create a bias in the numbers which leads to cumulative errors. Computers generally use bankers rounding, which is rounding to the nearest even number.

So not so much teach it wrong as don’t teach other rounding methods?


We’re removing pot progress bars from the Accounts screen. The idea is to have a Pot goal progress in written form below the pot image on the Home screen.

The idea is that Accounts is for overview, Home is for details. This way Accounts is easier to digest when there’s lots of information.


I’d have thought a progress bar rather than text is easier to digest when glancing over the screen.

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Yes I agree. We might change this in the future.


Bug alert! :rotating_light: :bug:

Tap into a Added to Pot transaction on the feed
Select “Add to [pot name]”
Add money to pot
End up on the new accounts screen - completely blank except the new banner with your name and Monzo Plus status.

On Android, latest beta.

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Love the new account view but there is an issue with it for JA.

Monzo Plus/Monzo Points and the overdraft/loan section are actually just for your personal account - but currently you have no way to know this. In fact I briefly thought they might now be supported with the new design. They should be clearly separated really. Especially if in the future you can get them for joint accounts.

Morning @bruno, any idea on what time?

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It’s been released now.

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Has it? I can’t see it

Within Google Play 2.56 has been released yes.

Ah, I’m on iOS. So that explains it :smile:


I love the new design I feel like it’s getting closer to where I am able navivate to places without pressing buttons and just swiping and scrolling which is great for user experience. One feedback is to enable swipe left for going back instead of me having to press back button. For example if I am looking at summary of payment I made then on Android phones I have to press button top left corner to go back. On big devices sometimes you just want to swipe left. I’d love to see this feature.