We're working on a new look for the Monzo app

I’d prefer pounds and pence. Exactly like the summary wheel but without the wheel if necessary. For example “You’re set to have £54 left over”.

Edit: And just to add I agree with a lot of people here, I need this budget and summary functionality to help manage my finances. If I lose that then I could’ve just stayed with HSBC.


Good spot - this would be good to have, like the current budgeting: “£x spent of £xxx”

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There’s just no pleasing some people :roll_eyes:

“I want to see how much there is left to spend”
“We hear you, what about this concept?”
“Where are categories, it’s not worded correctly, it’s in the wrong place!”

Give the guy a break, jeeez! :rofl:

I’ll say it @JordanFish. Thank you for your hard work and taking on board peoples feedback, it looks really good. I understand it is still a rough idea so I’m looking forward to seeing the final version and getting involved with the testing :slight_smile:


I don’t think that’s fair at all - I said it looks good and gave some feedback / opinion about how the user experience could be built upon / achieved.

Isn’t that the purpose of implementing changes in an open forum like this?


Why does anyone think Monzo are getting rid of Summary? The original post specifically states that by signing up to it you’ll lose access to Summary for now… that clearly shows the intention is to reintegrate Summary into it before launch.


All I’m saying is that I think he has had more than enough criticism, this topic is full of it. In every reply they’ve stated that it is a rough concept so nothing is concrete.

Let’s see what comes next and be grateful that they’re showing us progress and taking on board feedback while not beating them down too much. Otherwise, if this was me l’d have second thoughts about doing this next time. :slight_smile:

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Apologies to @JordanFish if anything I’ve said has come across as overtly critical.

He said above that the team weren’t sure if all Summary features were coming back at all…

…so I (and many others) stated how important Summary is for monthly budgeting (I personally use the monthly and category budgeting features and would be sorry to see these go, if they indeed go).

I’m really glad this has been taken on board with the latest concepts.

I’m not that happy about being shut down for what seemed like an interesting conversation about how we each see the app progressing :man_shrugging:


I agree with you Adinus, I don’t think any of us meant to be overly critical. It is a thread to discuss potential changes and therefore Monzo seem to be seeking discussion and feedback. If it was a post about a finished article then we’d have to shut up and deal I guess.

We really appreciate having this forum and the opportunity to give feedback, not many banks do this! So let’s not shut down the discussion ourselves.


Don’t worry about it, you’re offering valuable feedback in my opinion :slight_smile:


That’s what it’s become but I don’t know that that’s what it was introduced to be. Either way, it’s a bit late to change it now!

From the first post of this thread:

So that’s what people are doing :slight_smile:


Yeah, before the thing we were asked to feed back on has even been released…


I like this, I don’t use budgets, just committed spend, so you have £xxx left with XX days to pay day, then I’m all in!


Following on from this, as someone who uses their credit card as the main spender, if that could tie in with the “left to spend”, it would be great.

So if you had £1,000 as a Monzo balance, with £800 on the credit card, it would show £200 left to spend.

Appreciate I may be in the minority there, but just throwing out another option.


I can’t wait to see what this is like. Once I have I will look forward to giving feedback. And then seeing what direction the app goes, fully understanding that if I get about 80% of what I NEED from the app it’s gonna be great (that 20% would be my WANTS which would be awesome but not deal breaking).

And I too am intrigued as to what can be done with Summary/Budgets as I don’t use them at all at the moment (for a variety of reasons). I’m sure there are smart people pondering a number of options for this in the future.

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Does anybody have any word when we can expect to see this dropping for those who registered their interest? There’s still a few hours left of the working day :wink:

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I’ve thought about this quite a bit over the long weekend. I’d do mock ups but I’m away from my laptop so here’s a description of something I’d love to explore:

  • I love the “cleaness” of the new design. I think keeping it as streamlined as possible is the way to go!
  • I like the RAG bar in the latest designs from Summary. I’d like to find a way of combining the burn-down dial, but something good to have.
  • I’d have a new screen available when that bar is tapped. A new graphic to show the Left to Spend figure, with just a list of upcoming transactions for that month below (not by category). I’d then have it so that you could tap into each upcoming transaction and change the expected amount (for, for example, credit cards), and to allow you to skip standing orders etc. I’d also allow the user to create a new committed payment without having a transaction.
  • as an alternative to tapping on the RAG button (or maybe in addition to), how about a new feed item that says “Remaining committed spend for [month]” with a total of all outstanding committed spend for that period? Tapping on it would then take you to a breakdown of the individual upcoming transactions.
  • the main figure at the top: I’d let the user be able to swipe to move between left to spend and account balance
  • I’d create new search options. Simple search, then an advanced one that has more parameters, then an option to set up an advanced filter to change the contents of the feed.
  • I’m not sure about the suggested timeline/merchants/categories split. I love the concept, but i worry that it clutters the cleanliness. Perhaps it should be moved to my proposed filter screen? Or maybe that’s a tap too far? I would like to have a fourth option for #tags, though!

But this is looking amazing. Keen to hear real life feedback!


Love the engagement Jordan so thought I’d throw my 2p in as well and try to help.

V3 update was all about simplicity… to me adding those 3 new tabs withing the homescreen makes the homescreen even more complicated.

I don’t care so much personally for a merchant breakdown. I’d only really like a category breakdown (only with custom category support should I add)

I think this should be integrated as mentioned by tapping the status bar and be taken to a new summary screen. I think the feed should just be that… a feed nothing too over complicated

Keep up the good work though guys… we will get there together :slight_smile:

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The main use case here for me is to figure out whether I have spare cash for the pair of shoes I am currently eyeing up (or whatever). Telling me I’ve spent 45% with 12 days to go leaves me with some fiddly mental arithmetic to figure out whether I have £42 spare to spend on shoes! The current summary page tells me I’m £60 under right now, so shoes are go…


I signed up to test this, but haven’t received anything yet. Is there a way to check I’m on the list, please? :smiley: