We're turning 9 🎂 🎉

Hello Community!

It’s our 9th birthday this weekend :birthday: :tada:

A lot of you have been there since the very start, so let’s hear what your favourite Monzo moment has been?

Follow up question - which birthday cake is the best birthday cake? :thinking:


Happy birthday!!

Depends if you guys do an announcement :wink:

Red Velvet has got to be my favourite!

Favourite moment was the release of Flex!

I love carrot cake personally! Where shall I send my address? :rofl:

Chocolate cake!

Probably recency bias, but definitely the plushie awards!


Favourite moment was when Pots allowed us to add our own photos. Absolute chaos of imagination and humour, and I was most definitely there for it.

Oh: Black Forest Gateaux


That time I didn’t get a plushie.


Not a favourite moment, more of a regret. This was back when Monzo cards were rare (early prepaid era). I’d travelled to the US and was in a relatively out of the way part of California, at a local store in Morro Bay. The person in front of me paid with a Monzo card - easy to tell with the Hot Coral. I really wish I’d said something but it would have been an awkward conversation to start!

The best birthday cake has the correct ratio of icing to cake.

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I have to agree with @BristolMatt. Flex has been a game changer for me. The neon cards was also a highlight. Gutted I don’t have one anymore. :cry:

I love Red Velvet cake, but cakes cake. I’ll eat any pretty much any cake (except Carrot).

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Happy Birthday :monzo: :birthday: :tada:

Experience: Neon card launch - oh the fun behind that one…
Feature: Bills pots - absolute game changer.

The one I’ll be chomping into tomorrow :wink:

As it’s my b/day tomoz, I wonder if I can get away with saying that the new thingamajig will be fantastic


Bills pots changed the way I manage my finances and I’ve never looked back. Best feature/moment by far.

I love Flex too. I’ve binned off Klarna, PayPal and most of my credit cards in favour of Flex.

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I’ll be playing Pin the chip on the Hot Chip at my personal Monzo celebration this weekend. And maybe a some Musical Pots (move your money from pot to pot until the music stops). :man_dancing: :mirror_ball: Will finish off with a game of Virtual Cards Against Humanity

So the birthday treat for all of us is revealing the big super secret thing at 2pm, right? Right?

Happy Birthday Monzo! :birthday:

To answer the questions from OP though: best moment – plushies. Best cake – something light with lots of fruit.

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Best moment for me is definitely Flex.

Birthday cake - Iced Madeira. That’s the important question.

Monzo moment - got to be the second iteration of the app design closely followed by the newest one. The engagement was superb and has been superb.

Of course, if @rossmonzo or @AlanDoe lets slip before the weekend on what’s next for plus/premium that might change things.

Happy birthday Monzo :tada:

A while ago moment was the big list. That was such fun.

A recent moment is mortgages in Monzo and what the team have managed to do from a credit file! Impressive.

Victoria sponge

Haaapppppy Birthday! I presume a ninth birthday involves sweets, a climbing frame and some pirate ship Lego. So enjoy :smile:

My favourite bit was the person that made a custom pot image generator and worked with the forum to tweak it. So very cool.


Why’s everybody assuming the secret stuff relates to Plus and Premium? :laughing:


Happy birthday! :birthday: :partying_face:

I’d have to say fully switching to Monzo and taking advantage of the features that allowed us to better manage our joint finances; pots in general, especially bills pots, shared tabs and trends, which really are a gamechanger.
I also loved the engagement around cashback and the new UI.

Birthday cake: anything with coconut!

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