Monzo Monthly Update: November

A little later than usual, here’s your update for this month!


Nothing on Inbound International Payments? :sweat:

Brilliant, I love these updates. Some good features to come this month :+1:


Brilliant update! :grin:

Making budgeting with Summary more flexible :calendar:

Can’t wait to give this a go :eyes: I get paid on the 30th but my Summary wants to reset itself on the 29th :yum:

We’re working to bring Pots to joint accounts

Once that happens I know two people who will sign up to Monzo :tada:

Helping you pay cash into your Monzo account :money_with_wings:

This will be an awesome & convenient feature for those couple of occasions each year when I need to deposit cash :grin:


Thanks for the update. I didn’t get a copy in my inbox though. I’ve signed up and asked COps to add me, which they said they did. Any ideas why I didn’t receive it? Thanks

I didn’t get this one as an email either. Did anyone else?

Not yet.

Love these updates, Monzo growing nicely. *Off topic, have my PayPal linked and was surprised I had a instant payment from them.
Very impressed

Pretty awesome, thanks for the update.

The Making Monzo email is going out later this week. The email content differs from our Monthly Updates on the blog. Enjoy a double helping of product related updates every second week of the month :+1:


I can’t seem to find Making Monzo roadmap in my app? Is it iOS only?

@adinus It’s currently under ‘Sneak Peeks’ in the community section of the Help screen (this will change to Making Monzo in next week’s release!)

I think you meant to tag @adinus :slight_smile:

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I still can’t see it, sorry!

I’m using the Android app version 2.23.0. When I look at the help screen there’s no community section…


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@adinus We’re running an experiment currently where some customers can only see the search and suggested articles in their Help screen - looks like you’re on of them! This won’t be forever :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @Naji - I’m also part of the test.

Can I ask what you are testing (or hoping to see?)


Hey, is the monthly update no longer sent via email?


Can’t wait for locked pots!

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Any chance of weekly budgets? This would make it so much easier for me to get the full functionality of the app as I get paid every week and have to budget in that way.