Auto recognising foreign expenses

I’m currently in Belgium with family on holiday. We’ve all got Monzo cards that we’re using and only a couple of us have had the “Welcome to belgium” message in the app.

Any ideas why this might happen?

I’ve used my solo and joint accounts to test this. My joint account didn’t recognise it.

My OH’s didn’t work on joint. My parents have solo accounts and theirs didn’t show it either.

My sisters one did. I wonder if I’m missing anything?

Did all iOS and no Android get them? I remember seeing something like that, Android don’t have it (if memory serves me well, or did I make it up).

Has everyone enabled Monzo to use their location?

@HoddzDJ we’re all iOS. My wife’s is joint and not showing on her app either but that’s for both of us. (I’m iOS)

@monzo2018 you might be onto something. Older versions of iOS don’t seem to be picking up the location of the app in the app settings.

I’ll dig into this a little more tomorrow.