Welcome home message

Not sure why I just got the welcome home message from being in the USA when I got back almost 3 weeks ago?
I have location services on and background app refresh, opened the app numerous times over here and even bought online since I got back

You will only receive the welcome home message when you use your card at POS in a new country.


I’m fairly certain I’ve had it upon touching down at the airport before now.


That is what I had expected it to do, but for me it didn’t seem to pop up until I bought something in the UK.

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Interesting :thinking: I only ever get the welcome to country or welcome home when I buy something in that’s country I have location services set as always on my iPhone.


I 100% had it arriving in Spain as we were still taxiing to the gate when it came up on my phone and my partners.

I think it did the same in the UK but only 80% sure :slightly_smiling_face:

Be nice if someone can verify from Monzo, and also tell me what I’m doing wrong if that’s the case!

Yep. Me too. I’m in Spain now and will return on Thursday. I’ll keep an eye out for the notification.


This was yesterday, transaction first then the welcome message (I have 4G in Aus so should come through straight away)… Maybe I’ll reset the location services option!

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I’ve never been abroad with Monzo.

I wonder if it’s an OS thing. For data purposes:

Q1. Do you get travel reports on landing or on spending?
Q2. What OS are you running?

Same. Just not this time

Just for FYI I travel a LOT. First time it took so long for the message

iPhone. Was iOS 11 when I landed then 12.

As I said I travel abroad every couple of months and it’s the first time it’s done this

Just also to say I’m now in Spain and soon as you land it used to say welcome to x, didn’t this time

In the settings on the iOS app there is an option to enable Location-based security. I guess the app knows where you are to determine if some transactions are legitimate or not, hence the welcome messages when you move around.

I don’t remember seeing this on the Android version.

I always had that for over a year and settings haven’t changed. Still enabled

I’ve been a member since beta and no settings have been changed. Notifications just stopped working as before

Trying something new. Uninstall didn’t work. Turned location services off and on again and got a welcome message so will see how it goes when I go back home lol

Will update then. Might be just a weird bug

Just to add, from my experience in the early Monzo beta days…it used to work based on location services, with a notification on landing.

However on recent trips this year, I’ve also found the welcome home report is only generated when making a payment back in the UK.

Not sure if a bug or maybe the features meant to use this as a fallback method?


It sounds like it’s designed to work both ways

Mine’s on spending in the new country & iOS 12.

Maybe it just depends on when the app checks the location. A specific trigger must occur for it to check.

If you open the maps app on your phone and it pings your location do you then get the notification?

The monzo app doesn’t fire up gps every time it checks, this would be a battery hog.